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Jon Zerndt
11-09-2001, 12:28 PM
Hi All!
I'm fortunate enough to be taking a trip to San Diego the first week of December (especially since I live in Illinois and it's getting colder). I'll have a couple of days without plans and would like to fill them seeing anything having to do with boats, perhaps visit a boat shop or . Any suggestions?

11-09-2001, 01:22 PM
You should probably get hooked up with fellow Forumite/wharf rat Dave Flemming. He lives down there and would most likely make an excellent tour guide. I'm sure that he'll be coming along any minute now and responding to your post. Good luck. Have fun.

Dave Fleming
11-09-2001, 03:29 PM
Dave FLEMING, note one M in Fleming, here.
Well lets see there is the San Diego Maritime Museum. Vessels in collection are Star of India,Berkeley a ferry( wood) from San Francisco Bay, a Steam Yacht and musuem space on the ferry.
Water tours of the harbor, sportfishing out of Shelter Island. A trip across the border to sleazy Tiajuana, Mex.. A visit to Cabrillo Light House atop Point Loma just past the National Cemetary, Balboa Park has some museums. Sea World and Legoland are the big local tourista attractions. No real boat shops and the yacht harbours are all security covered ie: locked gates and guards.
Coronado is a short ferry ride or tourist bus ride across the bay from San Diego.
But frankly after living here since 1982, I think the area is overpriced, lacks public transportation in depth and is geared to folks who are here to go to a convention or just can spend MONEY.
Waterfront is in hands of one of those semi-governmental Port Authority so no smelly junky funky boat stuff allowed.
I have lived on the west coast in San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle before coming down here and Seattle is still the best for us boat types. San Fran. is now just a tourist stop with the possible exception of the Maritime Museum.
Contact me off list and I will forward my phone number if I can be of assistance I will.