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Rob Waywell
12-28-2000, 03:41 PM
I'm in the (slow) process of restoring a 14 1/2' mahogany plywood runabout. I believe it was built in Ontario and I'm looking for any information about the manufacturer and how the boat would have originally looked.


12-31-2000, 01:23 PM
Thomas Gordon was building canoes for sale in Lakefield since the late 1850's under the name of the Thomas Gordon Canoe Co. Meanwhile, in 1860 the Strickland Canoe Co. was established. In 1892, Robert Strickland founded Strickland and Co. to produce board canoes. The name of the firm was changed to the Lakefield Canoe Works in 1900.

In 1904, Gordon and Strickland combined and reorganized the business as the Lakefield Canoe Co. This firm was eventually absorbed into the Lakefield Canoe and Manufacturing Co. which was established in 1918 by E.R. Tate. In 1937, it was reorganized again and became the Lakefield Canoe and Boat Co. under the direction of George Cook. It changed to Lakefield Boats Ltd. in 1942, and was then bought out by Rilco Industries in 1962, which continued to operate until 1970.

I hope you got that. There will be a short quiz next period. Actually, I didn't really know all that - I cut it from another web site - www.kawartha.net. (http://www.kawartha.net.)

I have a 16-foot Lakefield varnished cedar strip canoe my Ma bought me in 1955. I could turn up someone around here (Manotick, near Ottawa) who could tell you more about Lakefield boats if you like.

Andreas Jordahl Rhude
01-19-2001, 12:23 PM
I was at the Minocqua, Wisconsin Antique and Classic Boat Show last July. There was a 1961 "Lakefield Mohawk" strip built runabout on display. A 15 footer, outboard motor. The owner said it was made in Canada. It had great hardware - an Indian head on the bow handle.

It was finished bright on the decks, interior and on the hull sides above the spray rail. The bottom was painted red. She had a wrap around, one piece windshield.