View Full Version : Is the smack Shamrock LN253 still in the Carribian or USA?

01-07-2002, 08:30 PM
Received this message just now from Germany:-
Recently I dicovered your marvelous smack list plus pictures. I very much admire your efforts in preserving those fine craft and envy you for having so many
still around. In my native country. from the equivalent off your smack, the german Fischkutter, you will hardly find half a dozen survivors from pure sailing days.
(I happen to have one of them in my garden, waiting to be restored)
Nevertheless, I wonder if I canot maybe contribute to your list somehow.
In the mid 1980`s, whilst on a trip to the carribean in our own gaff-cutter,and docked in a port on Teneriffe (Spain), I had a guest abord, who had abandoned
a ship called Shamrock. She was a smack, owned by a couple named Ken and Flossy, and about to leave for to cross the atlantic. He himself a kind off hitch hiker dedicated to go with them.
But the night befor their intended departure,he could not sleep in his bunk, and when he realised this was due to the noise of the munching toredo-worms within the planks of the old hull, he knew heŽd better look for a different ship. But in the end, he missed all the fun, because Shamrock, despite having no engine, patched up sails and all theese stowaways in her planks, safley arrived in the carribean after a 30 day crossing. The only threat they met was a whale, who scared **** out of them during a calm.
We met them again a few times after the crossing, but soon lost them out of sight, and only years later we received a letter in which they told us, they swapped the boat for a
plastic yacht which they found more trustworthy for the trip back.Unfortunateley after their arrival back in England they were arrested. Their new boat was listed as stolen.
The whereabouts of Shamrock I have no clue of. I hope she is still happily afloat.
Now I very much believe she must be the one who is listed as being from Kings Lynn, because I remember Ken telling me she was from the wash. I try to include some
pictures so maybe somebody can recognize her. Her length was about 35 feet.
Greetings from a member off Freunde des Gaffelriggs, happy to stay in contact...
Yours Reiner Schlimme
Some pictures of her are here:-


Does anybody know if she is still around on your side of the pond?