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John B
02-17-2002, 10:26 PM
..one dimensional.

We slipped away Friday evening and had a wee night sail for a couple of hours to get down to the eastern end of Waiheke Island. The idea was that it was to be a Classic yacht Assn BBQ and short social race on Saturday but attendance was , shall we say, light. Probably due to the brisk easterly on Saturday morning, followed by no wind at all and the 22 miles to get there. Ah Well.
Anyway, a few classic launches turned up and they were interesting to see because of their ages and relative styles.
Aumoe is about 43 ft x 8’6”, built in 1913 and always grabs my attention because of her speed. I’ve written about this one before, but to refresh , she can do 11 comfortably and 13 at a push. “Rubbish” Do I hear you say?….. I’ve seen it.I’ve seen her squatting so low in the stern as to have her dinghy riding the quarter wave at a height which put the whole dinghy above the height of the boats transom. All with a 70 hp ford diesel. I believe it.I seen it. I was doing 6 and she went past me oooo double that.I quizzed the owner at a later stage. What he told me confirmed what I had seen.
Luani (Luana) I can’t get that name right in my head, is a beautiful bridgedecker from 1920. Words do not describe this boat. I know very little about her but will find out.
Sobrine, another lovely bridgedecker of 45 ft from the early 1950’s . She had a flock of girls about 10 and 11 on her who came across, filed on board, jumped off our bowsprit and dragged my 10 yr old away to just generally have fun.

Good to see people passionate about their wooden boats, ain’t it.

Wild Dingo
03-06-2002, 05:06 AM
John... its good to know the one eyed demon hasnt got you yet mate!

Theyre beautiful old girls... wouldnt mind a closer look at the first one... Aumoe I think you said... just real nice mate...

But then shes got them two sticks stickin up out of her so of course shes nice shes got sails somewhere!! :D

Take it easy