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Alan D. Hyde
01-11-2001, 02:44 PM
Posts in another thread showed photos of a Marco Polo under sail, which brought to mind 'White Seal,' a 36' Hanna 'Carol' ketch which Gerry Trobridge built and sailed, with his wife Marie, for many years.

I think he'd be well into his eighties if he's still around.

Anyone here know what happened to Gerry Trobridge?


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Alan D. Hyde
01-15-2001, 10:35 AM
This Forum was down Friday, or I would have answered my own question then.

Thursday night I got Trobridge's name and phone number off the net, and gave him a call.

It was a half-hour or so well spent. Mr. Trobridge is 85, and sharp as a razor. He has extensive sailing experience, including a 63,000 mile circumnavigation described in his book, and is a magnanimous gentleman to talk with.

He is resourceful as a sailor, and as a boatbuilder, and has given much thought to what he has done. Although the hulls of his boats have been steel, the interior woodwork has been well thought out and executed.

All his navigation has been by log, line, compass and sextant; he did use a radio I think for time ticks.

He has devised an unusually good dinghy davit system for putting his dinghy on top of his coachroof; I would strongly encourage any WOODENBOAT staff who see this post to contact him and have him do a piece on it.

His system puts the dinghy where it belongs when offshore, and can easily be handled by one person.

As much as I enjoy this Forum, WoodenBoat magazine, and the many fine books and articles that have been written on the subjects handled here, there is nothing better for expanding one's knowledge and understanding than personally conversing with veteran boatbuilders and sailors.

These guys won't be with us forever. Listen to them, learn what you can, honor their character and resolution. I, for one, will hate to see them go.


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