View Full Version : old wooden sailboat

02-13-2002, 10:54 AM
Thanks for the reply,guys. Now you've really got me wondering... I agree with you though,she may not be as old as stated,as I said,I just do not know...Additional info is as follows:She is cutter design,36 feet in length,approx.10-12 feet beam(I will measure and update asap)draft is supposedly 4.5 feet and her keel is very long,seemingly made of iron and covered with wood.Planks below waterline seem to be mahogany,with above waterline planks appearing to be perhaps white pine???From what I am told,her displacement is approx 35,000 lbs,but again,I do not know how accurate that is.Mast is 52 feet from waterline to top. I will try to find out more,and welcome any information on this boat.Thanks.

02-16-2002, 02:09 PM
An iron keel (ballast?) covered with wood sounds a bit peculiar. A 36-foot sailboat with a displacement of 35,000 pounds is a VERY heavy boat...??