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12-22-2012, 08:09 AM
two photos of mystery wood my friend ask me to post on the forum. He says it came from a 35 yr old partially built boat, the keel and part of the hull, the customer wasn't paying his bill so the guy cut it up. My friend came across this wood though doesn't know what it is. I couldn't attact anything larger thanthis due to the very limited file size restrictions but I do have larger photos I can email. Thanks for your help, and Happy Holidays, Rick


12-22-2012, 08:14 AM
You cannot post a photo directly to the forum, you need to put it into Photobucket, or Flickr or a similar photo hosting site, then posting the photo by linking to it. If it is in black and white, it will make it all that more difficult to discern.

Gib Etheridge
12-22-2012, 01:57 PM
Upload photos to Flickr

On Flickr:

Left click on the photo
Right click on the new photo and select medium 500 or medium 640
Copy and paste

12-24-2012, 10:45 AM
You'll want some very sharp closeup pics if possible, and a thin slice illuminated from the back is even better.

Here's how to post photos on this forum:

FIRST - Don't attach photos. Only a tiny version will display.

SECOND - Post the photos on the web. Use your own website or a free image hosting service like www.flickr.com, picasaweb.google.com, picturetrail, photobucket, etc.

THIRD - Once posted on the web, right-click the photo to "Copy Image Location", or drag the photo to another browser window, then copy the image URL (web address) which will end in ".jpg". You can test by pasting the photo URL into the location field (http://* ) of a web browser and see if the photo displays. Remember that this process will not work for photos only located on your computer, or uploaded to members-only Yahoo groups.

(In Flickr - You usually have to first click the photo to bring up the black-framed viewer, then click the "View All Sizes" link near the top right. Then you can get the image URL by right-clicking the image. Alternately you can go to the Actions menu on the upper left, then select "View All Sizes".

A. In any "Reply" window you can click the "insert image" icon --> a little yellow square icon with a dot at each corner, a tiny tree in the center.

Depending on browser version and Reply/Edit status, this may bring up a simple window with a field to paste the URL into, or the "Add an Image" window described below.

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YouTube video on how to select the image URL in Firefox, navigate the "Add an Image" tabs and paste the image URL -