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05-25-2001, 10:18 AM
Thinking about cruising the Inter Coastal Waterway in my semi retirement.
Can any one point me toward a good book or web site on the subject. Thanks.

05-25-2001, 12:43 PM
I thought I saw something a month or so ago on www.sailnet.com., (http://www.sailnet.com.,) where one of the writers professed to a substantial amount of experience in the ICW. If not there, try the "sailing" section of www.about.com. (http://www.about.com.)

Good luck, one of my "dream trips" is Pensacola, around the Keys, up to New England. One Day.

J. Dillon
05-25-2001, 03:58 PM

What size boat do you have ?

IMHO The best book on the subject is "The intercoastal Waterway" Norfolk to Miami. ISBN 0-915160-23-4. It gives detailed info on just what to expect at each mile.

Try to get a late edition as probably more bridges have been up datged to 65' high and less low opening ones. You got to wait or try to make designataed opening times.( off peak MV traffic) I think the Water way guide gives the latest info on that ( another publication)

North of Norfolk you can go up the Cheseapeake Bay or out in the Atlantic. Up the bay is more interesting with many places to tie up and see too numerous to mention here.

You can cross into the Deleware bay via the C&D canal down the Deleware and even up the Jersey waterway if your draft is less then 4'. At Manasquam inlet you must go less then 30 miles in the Atlantic to Sandy Hook and into the Big Apple. Up the East river NYC you got Long Island sound and then all of New England.

Some places in the south you can tie up free like Barefoot landing in Mytle Beach SC and Elizabeth City NC where they come down to the dock and give wine and cheese to transients. If lake Drummond is high enough you can go up the Dismal Swamp canal and into Norfolk.

Made the trip many times in power and sail and it is different each time.

You'll have a great time and good luck


Dave Carnell
05-26-2001, 05:59 AM

It is the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.

Read "The Voyage of the Paper Canoe", "The Boy, Me, And the Cat", and Slocum's "Voyage of LIBERDADE" for pioneering accounts.

05-26-2001, 08:20 AM
I don't know about your boat but.......trying to shoot Manesquan inlet in anything but slack tide can be madness because of the narrow entrance and really powerful surge, and if you are sail with a tall mast watch out for the first bridge south of Norfolk, Va, it's the lowest thing on the Atlantic ICW (I think).

05-26-2001, 09:41 AM
Thank you kindly for your thoughts and suggestions.
At present I do not own a boat. While I earn my living by making hull and deck repairs to other peoples fiberglass [mostly] boats I've never owned anything but wood.
Although I live in S.W. Florida my old sailing and boating experience is the N.J. coast, Keyport to Pt.Pleasant.
Lately been feeling the itch for a project.
Since form follows function I'm trying to look at the mission before falling in love with a particular design.
Sailing area planned is The Peace River to the Gulf of Mexico And possibly beyond.
Looking at sail designs 22-27 ft. that may be trailered.Would also want auxiliary propulsion.
Sorry to be so long winded. I've been lurking around this forum for a while now and felt I should some how introduce myself.

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Ron Williamson
05-27-2001, 06:11 AM
Is there another Peace River?
The one I'm thinking of is in northern Alberta and B.C.

05-27-2001, 09:41 AM
The Peace River I refer to is located on the s.w. coast of Florida 'bout midway between Sarasota and Ft.Myers. Flows into Charlotte Harbor and thence into the Gulf of Mexico.
Charlotte Harbor is fairly shallow so I've been looking at centerboard designs.