View Full Version : Deep Sorrow: All I Have to Say About Newton

Nicholas Carey
12-19-2012, 03:31 PM
All I have to say about Newton is this. Near Kyoto, on Lake Biwa is Kongorinji Temple (金剛輪寺). When you start down the path

http://regex.info/i/JF4_010089_sm.jpg (http://regex.info/i/JF4_010089.jpg)

Once you get to the gate of the path to the main temple, you see something, little statues, each decorated with a pinwheel and an apron

http://regex.info/i/JF4_010422_sm.jpg (http://regex.info/i/JF4_010422.jpg) http://regex.info/i/JF4_010424_sm.jpg (http://regex.info/i/JF4_010424.jpg)

The path up the mountain to the main temple is lined with thousands of them:

http://regex.info/i/JF4_010483_sm.jpg (http://regex.info/i/JF4_010483.jpg) http://regex.info/i/JF4_010466_sm.jpg (http://regex.info/i/JF4_010466.jpg)

http://regex.info/i/JF4_010378_sm.jpg (http://regex.info/i/JF4_010378.jpg)

They are statues of Jizō (地 蔵), the guardianof children. Each one was placed by parents whose child passed before them, in the hopes that Jizō will help their child's journey to heaven be easy.

More at Jeffrey Friedl's blog: