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12-19-2012, 04:27 AM
i've just driven 100 km to try to find a christmas tree.
every year the kids and I drive up into the hills to choose our own tree from a plantation and bring it home.
Got there, place is closed sign says out of stock:confused:
so I drove on way up into the forest looking for some enterprising soul or even a green grocer selling trees. no trees.
service stations? Nope
charitys? Nope.
so I flagged down a police patrol car in a small village up there. i told my kids it was the logical thing to do, of course.
a little bemused, they said nope, they hadnt any trees ether
So we went to a very nice indian restaurant for dinner.
drove back into the burbs, no trees.

ah well, it was a lovely evening drive and we spotted a black Llama

weird but I think this will now be our pre christmas tradition:D

12-19-2012, 04:32 AM
We use a big vase of our home grown kangaroo paws. The potted Norfolk Pine Xmas tree we once had is in a reserve and about 45' tall. Dedicated to a friends son who committed suicide.

12-19-2012, 11:13 AM
....ah well, it was a lovely evening drive and we spotted a black Llama...
How does one decorate a Llama?

12-19-2012, 11:16 AM
How does one decorate a Llama?
I'd be careful about the dangling balls.....