View Full Version : Guilliford's, H-23

01-25-2002, 10:23 AM
My Dad and I are planning to embark on restoring a L.F. Herreshoff H-23 sloop (the "Prudence" design on the jacket of Sensible Cruising Designs). My Dad bought it in the 80's in Pelham, NY, and it's been in a cradle in his barn ever since. It had "Conquest" on the transom at the time. By getting a name off an old water tank in the boat, he was able to locate her in the 1971 Lloyd's as "Satyagraha" ex "Eve", built in 1940 at Guilliford's Boatyard in Saugus, MA, homeport of Stamford, CT (no owner listed). Any info on the boat, or the yard, would be greatly appreciated.