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11-03-2012, 05:58 PM
So many court rulings federally and otherwise clearly stating that virtual child pornography, while morally objectionable and psychologically suspicious are still covered as free speech.
A supreme court case involving a hate groups lies misleading a mother to torture her son thinking it would help him until he ran away and committed suicide where the ruling ended solely in favor of the hate group setting a binding precedent that even words that kill are covered by free speech, replacing the words-as-harmful-actions doctrine which many anti real child porn policies depend upon to be constitutional.
Numerous legal opinions stating that the law cannot define what is and is not art no matter how repulsive the work.
Society starting to remember that consent ages from 15 to 18 instead of early puberty (a couple centuries ago 12 was perfectly legal in most places) were originally late 19th century stopgap measures to punish sex abuse before domestic abuse and marital rape bans existed, and the wife was legally the literal property of the husband or father (this ghoulish state of affairs lasted until the 1970s)
Clear knowledge that sex offender registries make actual child molesters more not less likely to re offend.
Clear knowledge that most people who regularly consume indecent anime and manga are not pedophiles or even hebephiles and are even less likely than the general population to commit a sexual assault.
The fact that more and more outsiders are realizing adult media from japan has a reputation worse than the product itself.
Most are just a man and a woman in a bed, with consent, often using a condom. Ages are mostly older teens to mid 20s, younger than the late 20s to mid 40s the west is used to but not children.
They are as or more vanilla as playboy and are usually much less objectifying and demeaning than most mainstream american material. Some would almost be appropriate to show in sex ed class, the reason being that most schools in japan don't teach it and much of the softcore erotica is drawn as an educational stand in, some including a medical knowledge chapter longer than the whole rest of the book that gives as thourough and accurate medical advice as the joint MA health dept- Planned Parenthood instructional project.
Harmful to minors? compare the rates of unwed pregnancy and juvenile STD cases in Kyushu to those in the midwestern states where they they feed kids stuff like "condoms don't work" and "don't do it because Parents/God/School or Legal System say so" and so on.
People in America saw some genuinely creepy and very disgusting stuff involving nonexistant sea creatures and it got disproportionate attention due to shock value and that is what the modern media talks about and that got stuck in the public image. Those sort of works are better categorized as an uncommon and unpopular subcategory of "grotesquery" and "body horror" art instead of a genera of pornography.
Americans are now so aware of the above truths that anyone who acts like the latter type is normal in Japan is quickly branded a racist.

So how did the following happen in a country with mandatory separation of church and state with a judicial system that claims to value science and logic over God himself and intentionally does not punish sins unless they are a crime as clearly defined by the legislature?
Morally there is no question, everyone involved in this whole debacle has done something bad even if religion is left out entirely.
The court and judge severly punished a man for a potentially victimless crime that according to the Constitution as clearly and repeatedly interpreted in the federal appeals courts (supposedly the "Supreme Law of The Land") ISNT EVEN ILLEGAL.
The man had a probably unhealthy obsession that he hid from his wife knowing she would object to it, the stress from hiding and dishonesty in turn being bad for a healthy marriage.
His wife probably knew the laws, reported her own husband in anger, probably most of the anger coming from issues unrelated to his stash which then reflects badly on the man, who probably did something to her or someone she cared about that was bad enough to provoke that severe a retaliation. Or perhaps the opposite, maybe she was the abuser and turned him in as a last laugh when he did or threatened to do something effective to stop the abuse.

Bob Cleek
11-04-2012, 03:11 AM
And you're from Middlesex County, right?

I think the moral of the story is that it is pretty stupid to collect porn on your computer if your wife is liable to find it! :D