View Full Version : 37ft 1937 Alden?

Bob M Lewis
08-03-2001, 03:24 PM
Looking for directions. I am trying to research a 40ft 1937 Alden(?). She looks like an Alden but...

Not a lot to go on but a 1968 USCG registration which states she was built at Morris Boat works in Thomaston, Maine.

The 1968 USCG registration refers to a previous "citation of marine documents" as: # "PYL 331, Philadelphia, PA". (Philadelphia authorities do not recognize the number.)

In 1968 her name was "Brigadoon", home port Willmington, NC. In 1980 her name changed to "Manumit", hailing from Norfolk, Virginia.

Niels Helleburg of Alden Designs, while being very helpful, has not been able to identify this particular vessel. He suggest on of a number of Morris vessels (#616 or 618) built for a 'W. Findlay Downs' of Philadelphia, PA.

If you recognize the "PYL" designation or have any further hunting grounds I might visit I will gratefully continue the search.