View Full Version : well, I guess there IS another grim use for hunting seanson

Phillip Allen
10-12-2012, 10:20 AM
finding people who have been missing and who's location might not be visited for decades otherwise.
it seems to happen every year... somewhere

Peerie Maa
10-12-2012, 10:47 AM
I remember a similar case here:http://www.hallflatfarm.co.uk/IMAGES/wasdale%20winter%20screes%202.jpg

Wastwater's French Connection

It was a slightly misty August morning and the Wasdale Youth Hostel had its usual rush of fellwalkers and visitors packing up and setting off after breakfast. Among those leaving was a well built 21 year old French girl, Veronique Mireille Marre. She had only passable knowledge of English, but years of walking in the French Alps had made her well able to cope with a walking tour in the Lake District.
Yet Veronique never reached her planned destination of Coniston that evening. And within days her anxious parents were telephoning the authorities in England. Despite an extensive search of the mountain paths between Wasdale and Grasmere Veronique vanished without trace. Her disappearance and the subsequent search of both the hills and the shores of Wastwater somehow came to link the two deaths with the lake. Police and tracker dogs spread out over the boulder fields that make the awe inspiring rock slide of the Screes.
But no trace of the young woman was found. It was a further two years of soul destroying uncertainty for her parents in Paris before a 53 year old Sellafield engineer stumbled on the sad resting place of Veronique. Mike Parkin, who lived in lower Wasdale was rock scrambling one May afternoon among the boulder field when he found some clothing. “Most had rotted away but there was enough to indicate it belonged to a girl and there were some French marked labels. “I went a little further up a side gully and saw the rest of her belongings and remains. I realised then what it was and went for the police.’’ The remains were 1,100 feet above the dark lake waters at the foot of a 300 foot rock spur known prophetically as Broken Rib Crag. An inquest afterwards heard that the state of the few remains meant a cause of death could not be officially given, but the remains were consistent with a fall from height.

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