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John Smith
10-07-2012, 07:41 AM
Too little time has been spent on some of things Romney actually did say during the debate. He's absolutely right when he says you can tell a lot about someone by where he puts is money.

He also said he'd not fund PBS at all, but will greatly increase military spending. He said he'd leave standard Medicare the way it is as an option for those who would prefer it to the voucher system, which was news to me. He commented that Medicare wouldn't be able to compete with the voucher system because he believes the private sector and always provide better service at a lower price.

Correct me if my memory fails, but isn't the reason we got no public option in the ACA is the private companies wouldn't be able to compete with it?

He also said he wanted to repeal the ACA as a federal program and let, or encourage (?) the states to implement in on their own.

I think beneath the sound and fury of his talking a lot with great confidence and authority, but saying little, some of his core beliefs snuch through.

It would be wise to wonder what a president who believes we are always better served by the private sector driven by profit than by the public sector would want to turn over to the private sector. Some of us believe the government has a role in promoting the general welfare by providing those services that simply don't lend themselves to making a profit, but are needed to have a functioning society.

Would he privatize all of education? Would he privatize all prisons; I don't think they've worked out so well.? Would all the parks be privatized and we'd have to pay to use them?

I envision saving federal spending by putting more burden on the individual states where we, the people, will either go without the services, or will have our taxes raised within the states to pay for them while Romney will say he's cut federal spending.

There is no free lunch, and there is no free government service whether it is provided by the town or the country.

Nothing happens in a vacuum anymore. It's like everything is a link in a big chain. If federal spending is cut by not spending money on programs but letting the states bear the burden, and it results in much larger class sizes and our children learning less, what have we gained?

I like PBS. If it were up to me I'd cut military spending and fund PBS fully. In the long run, IMO, it's a better investment.

Rich Jones
10-07-2012, 08:04 AM
I believe the option of choosing a voucher or traditional Medicare would be left to the consumer and has been part of Ryan's plan all along. It might sound good, but from what I've heard, the voucher system would so undermine the traditional system that it (traditional Medicare) would collapse. That's the whole idea behind their plan. Let traditional Medicare collapse and you're left with a voucher that, in the end, will not cover your medical costs but would favor the insurance companies.

As for the Right screaming "States Rights!", do they really know what they're asking? Federal dollars would now have to be replaced with higher state taxes. Or do they think they're going to get something for nothing?

The Interstate Highway system would collapse. One wealthy state might maintain their interstate, but a neighboring poor state would let their's turn into a rutted mess. Same for just about every Federal program there is. The Federal government is the great equalizer. Without it, we might as well have 50 separate countries instead of states.

If the Tea-Party were to truly get all their wishes, it would destroy this country.

John Smith
10-07-2012, 08:23 AM
I'll have to research this. I don't believe Ryan's plan left traditional Medicare as option. Those who are 54 now, when they turn 65 will get a voucher with which to buy private insurance, that they won't find. One of the reasons we have Medicare is the private insurance companies wouldn't insure those over 65, for obvious reasons.

Given the choice between Medicare as it is and the voucher proposed, no one will take the voucher.

Other than that, I agree. There are a variety of things that need to be done at the federal level to insure equality.

I really wish my Republican friends, who admit they don't like the direction the Tea Party has pulled their party in, would get over their party loyalty and guilt and vote for the Democrats so as not to further enable the Tea Party take over.