View Full Version : Packers/Seahawks: the call

John Smith
09-26-2012, 11:19 AM
This call has caused one hell of an uproar. For the first time last night I saw the play and call with sound as it was during the game.

I noticed the guy announcing the game was yelling "Simultaneous possession" as the two players were making there way to the ground. This tends to give some overlooked credence to the call on the field.

There are many things the replacement officials don't call, IMO, that should be called. There could have been pass interference called on that play, but that's true of many plays I've seen. It might have been wise to throw a couple of flags and find offsetting penalties to repeat the down, but what is, is.

As I sift through all the hoopla, my understanding of football is that a ball is not caught by either the receiver or the defender until he has completed some sort of football motion. In this case, it seems to me, two guys had their hands on the ball when they hit the ground. Seems to be this is simultaneous possession by rule. The replay booth review could have overturned the ruling on the field; they didn't. I don't believe the replay booth is manned by amatuers.

I am reminded of the Steelers playing the Colts in a playoff game. The winning touchdown was a pass into the endzone caught by a Steeler. Replay showed this player had run out of bounds and, by rule, could not legally catch the ball. No one noticed in real time and the game went into the books as a Steeler win.

More recently we had a pitcher who was cost a perfect game by what turned out to be clearly a bad call by the ump. The call stuck.

My point is the even experienced officials make mistakes. The replacements who are inexperienced make more. I'm just not so sure this was one of them. There have been lots.

It would be good for those of us who like the game to get better officiating. The question we need to ask is: what can we do to end the dispute between the officials and the NFL?

John Smith
09-26-2012, 11:34 AM
I agree with all of that. I would add that it is not easy to be an official in the NFL and get all the calls right.

Are the fans angry enough to stop watching the games? Or to stay out of the stadium?

If the owners continue to make money, what's their incentive?