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John R Smith
02-12-2002, 10:27 AM
Because it seems like summer is a long time ago, now. Outside it's raining, yet again.

And yet, only a few months ago, we wuz having fun -


Roll on spring. And the new messing about in boats season http://media5.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/smile.gif


J. Dillon
02-12-2002, 01:40 PM
Aye John, soon we'll be pokin er nose in misty places.

02-12-2002, 04:02 PM
Been learning to play "Here comes the Sun". Can't wait to play it and mean it.

Whats that your sailing in JD?

J. Dillon
02-12-2002, 05:14 PM
Avast Andrew,

Ye be seeing "Carrianne" 18' skiff

outa Branford CT bound for the Farm river cut. What ketch ye be sailin, where ye hail?

Them folks over in Misc. better get out sailin soon thar startin to stink.


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John B
02-12-2002, 07:01 PM
Summer is great.

We could stage a takeover of People/places and call it Using your Wooden Boat( how to use your wooden boat. Stupid/funny/ successful/unsuccessful things you have done in your wooden boat). Mind you, there are a few fighting the good fight over there in Misc. Bruce is trying pretty hard but he's a meglomaniac( in the nicest possible way of course).

02-12-2002, 11:00 PM
Spring is making a big push out here, the almonds and wattles are blooming. Oh ya, and as far as out on the water....



Mr. Know It All
02-12-2002, 11:53 PM
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Thanks guys, I feel better now.
Peace----> Kevin in Ohio

John B
02-12-2002, 11:58 PM
Donn, I never said anything about excluding motorboats. I even like em. One of the valuable things about this forum is hearing where people are boating and how they use their boats. I'd be keen to hear some of your stories.

J. Dillon
02-13-2002, 09:22 AM
John B.

Capitol idea. Yes lets use People/Places to show our wooden boats and where they have been. Maybe sprinkle in a story with some salty talk. God know we need more humor here.

Tell us something about the image you posted where and how hard the rain ?


Ian McColgin
02-13-2002, 10:21 AM
It was blowing stink out of the south Sunday, side loading Grana and making her heel way over, so it was a perfect time to start fictionalizing a rough and fast run very slow return Cotuit trip. Sorta fun to slide the typewriter back up hill with the same motion used for slapping the return. Yeah. It's an old manual.

I find working over chapters for 'Grace Notes' is a wonderful way to get out the log and charts on a winter's day. Ginger tea for the writing. Highland's finest for editing and reading aloud.

I honestly could not live without winter: Without that annual face-off with February and March that, if we make it though without suicide, makes us such better moral beings . . .

John R Smith
02-13-2002, 11:07 AM
Whoo. We got ourselves a nice little thread going here, folks, cheered me up no end.

They don't seem to have caught on over in "Miscellaneous", at least not yet. It's a bit like sneaking out of the public bar and having a cosy little chat about boats in the snug (for those of you familiar with English pubs).

Hey, look, Don's posted a photo of HIS boat too. No sail versus motor nonsense here Don, hell's teeth mine's got sails AND an engine. Believe me, I need 'em both http://media5.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/smile.gif

Ian, you are right, as usual. We need winter to re-charge our enthusiasm batteries. But this one has been wild so far in Cornwall.


Jamie Hascall
02-13-2002, 11:33 AM
Ah you pop into that alternate local for the first time in ages and find all sorts of great folks hanging out there. Seattle's gotten a reprieve from a long stretch of grey and I'm certainly having a hard time working on this project. I'd love to go play hooky from work and take Victoria out for a nice lunchtime sail. Maybe I can get my dear one to call in sick too and we can just take off for an early weekend. Of course, it will probably start raining again http://media5.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/wink.gif. At least this is bringing out the daffs and cherry blossoms.

Cheers to all

02-13-2002, 04:38 PM
JD, that's the ABIGAIL, a 39' Alden ketch.The picture was taken while in service to WBSchool last summer. That's my skipper, Les, at the helm.

Was looking forward to heading to the coast this weekend but bathroom repairs took precident. Its wood and water related but not satisfying in the least.

John B
02-13-2002, 07:57 PM
Certainly looks like a good sea hull Donn.

J D,.That was our christmas cruise.
Not one of the best holidays but the season ain't gone yet!!

Did you see this one... this was a good weekend

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capt jake
02-13-2002, 08:54 PM
I LOVE the idea of posting 'Events and Adventures' plus boat picures on this forum. This is one of the few that I have looked at every post (vs Misc!).
Keep it up! http://media5.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/smile.gif

02-13-2002, 09:02 PM
I recall it wasn't the memory of past summer, rather the promise of coming spring that got me through those New England winters. I'm too soft for them now, even our California winter is getting long for me.

For those of you still in winters clutch, be advised that spring is on it's way. Our garden has been tilled and the peas have been sown, expecting a spring rain this weekend.

And last Sunday the bees were out in full force.

Get those boats ready, spring is springing!


B. Burnside
02-13-2002, 10:20 PM
Eb, what are your bees on? Is that acacia? I had forgotten it was so early. I grew up in Santa Cruz county with lots of acacia and locust on our property. The honey smell of those locust in bloom...

Now we are mossbacks in BC. We get the sweet smell of the common primula now, Queen Victoria's favourite. And soon the cottonwood will be dripping their balm of gilead all over, an intoxicating fragrance. We get mossy damp loam in the cedar/fir woods, and that heady salty beach smell.

I hope soon we can get on the water again too. The birds will be changing their clothes, so we'll have the Murres in their breeding tuxedos, the Pigeon Guillemots likewise, with the scarlet dancing shoes. The Brandt will be winging through, and if we're very alert we might catch a glimpse of a Tufted Puffin or two. Rhinoceros Auklets are increasing around here now, and I always delight in watching their flight: takeoff and landings like projectile yams.

The skipper is not allowed to do any heavy hauling for a while, so I am hoping he will let me single-hand with him aboard one of these days. Some people learn to sail by watching telltales or guages. I watch the pained look in his face when I'm out of the groove. I'm learning.

In the spirit of sharing photos, here's one of my knuckle, white. http://www.gartsideboats.com/pgimages/Surprise09copy.JPG We were doing hull speed to windward, with the extra wind energy fully engaged in the War on (Barb's) Terror. Keep doin' it long enough and I'm bound to get used to it.

Happy cruising, all.


John B
02-13-2002, 10:32 PM
Nice shot. got any more Barb. What's the boat ,I haven't seen it before.

B. Burnside
02-13-2002, 10:40 PM
That's our new one, launched in August. There are quite a few photos on the web site but we're not supposed to do self-promotion so I will e-mail you the URL. It's a 20ft gaff cutter. I think she's wonderful, but of course I'm prejudiced.


John B
02-13-2002, 10:53 PM
Found it already thanks Barb. Surprise?

Yes ,Surprise!
Neat site and incredible work. You guys love your gaff rig don't you.

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B. Burnside
02-13-2002, 10:57 PM
Yes, that's Surprise.

J. Dillon
02-13-2002, 11:43 PM
Avast Barb,

How about another reef in the main or better still a smaller jib. GREAT action shot, the best so far. Is that a Ratsey jib ? Looks like their logo on the tack.

John B. Thanks for posting those images again. I love the gaff rig. Good story. Sailed out of Russel, Bay of islands for Tonga many years ago. Love NZ


B. Burnside
02-14-2002, 12:37 AM
Another reef would have been a jolly good idea. I could go for that! The jib is on a roller, too, we could have rolled it in a bit. But with the photographer boat and the exhilarating day and all, well, we just hung on, grinning ear to ear. The sails are by Leitch & McBride, our friendly neighborhood sailmakers in Sidney BC.

I'm with you, JD, on being a fan of New Zealand. What an amazing place. 'Course, the Pacific Northwest is, too. Especially if we can get farther north to the wild glacier country in SE Alaska.

Mike Field
02-14-2002, 02:28 AM
That's a very nice-looking tradboat you've got there, Barb. Congratulations to you both.

Is the interior photo presented back-to-front, or does Surprise indeed have her galley to starboard? What was the rationale for that? And what happens above-deck to the flue for the stove?

Also, please accept my congratulations on the website, which looks more impressive each time I visit.

02-14-2002, 08:45 AM
Um, Barb? Could you give Phyllis some advise about remaining calm when the boat gets a little tippy? Something like, they sail better when the lean over two or three degrees. http://media5.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/smile.gif


John R Smith
02-14-2002, 08:57 AM

I think that's a bit more than two or three degrees, there, Norm http://media5.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/wink.gif

Kate has the same problem with tippiness, you know. Not me, of course, Fearless Smith they call me.


Ian McColgin
02-14-2002, 09:58 AM
So if that's what you do in your spare time . . .

Very very nice.

The nice thing about a boat like that that can put her rail down is you do have standing headroom when on a beat.

02-15-2002, 05:37 PM
What a nice topic- I hope this continues. Our summer is a lot like John B's photo this year, so I have nothing pretty to contribute just yet. Member numbers- might just be intimidating to we latecomers? :D Perhaps that's a good idea.

J. Dillon
02-15-2002, 08:01 PM
Image posting test

It seems to work.

Place, South Street Sea Port NYC

Andy Bangs
02-16-2002, 12:32 PM
What a superior topic. I've given up on Misc.

Those old Eldredge-McGinnis powerboats are wonderful. They also designed some pretty fair schooners and motorsailers, one of which I came close to buying a few years back. Settled instead on an Alden 30' Priscilla sloop which is perfect for my current needs. When I can get into the boatshed to work on her I'll try to use this newfangled digital camera so I can send in photos too.

02-16-2002, 06:50 PM
seeing as how people are posting pictures here and I had scanned these onto my imagestation album...I thought some might be interested in them. Providence V is a Gloucester Schooner my father built and launched in 1988 (I think). She is the Blackfish designed by Henry Scheel. Providence V is now in the charter industry carrying backpackers around the Whitsunday Islands (such a waste).

on the slip at my father's boatyard.

at Hope Harbour in southern Queensland .


The photos are not very good qaulity. Bernadette.

capt jake
02-16-2002, 09:52 PM
Sorry Bernadette, no worky on the pictures again.

02-17-2002, 01:52 AM
I'm almost ashamed to post a picture of my boat in the wake of all these wooden beauties and mine being constructed of fiberglass as she is, but she has sweet lines and I like her pretty well.



02-17-2002, 03:56 AM
Darn it all! I'm going to give it another try!
see text back up the page for information on the yacht.
...............I almost feel tempted to try posting the other two images here as well!! Should I or shouldn't I?

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ken mcclure
02-17-2002, 09:10 AM
Kevin I think there's enough wood on her to get by. smile.gif Besides, it's the fact that you prefer a wooden boat that counts. Right?

And donnwest, that is ONE FINE BOAT! My boat tastes seem to be eclectic, but way deep down I seem to be leaning toward the power boats. Heh. Until I run across a picture of Ian's Grana or Ed's Phoenix or see the Helgers' progress. Then I waver again. :rolleyes:

02-17-2002, 09:50 AM
Keven, surely no one who speaks poorly of googue boats has anything like your beauty in mind. WOW!


Andy Bangs
02-17-2002, 09:50 AM
Thanks, Donn. I'll check out my back issues of WB.

02-17-2002, 10:43 AM
Yes Custom Skiffs ,it's Fun to learn new skills ! So glad Photo Point pooped out ,so I can figure out a whole new system .

For those who like the tenor of this thread , I would recommend the magazine "Messing About in Boats" . It's reader written ; sort of like a website ,but with an Editor , which can be a Good thing . Some of the articles are dorky but some , like a series by Rob White , are very good .There was recently a pair of articles documenting a first rate multiyear rebuild of a stunning big Cat. I think I've seen the builder post here .All for about 35 dollars a year .

02-17-2002, 11:54 AM
She's a Robert Perry designed Baba 30. While it is built with FG it is pretty well choked with teak and varnishing skills is a must. Lest I mislead anyone into thinking that Arizona has it's own harbor and Coast Guard station, this picture was taken in Newport, CA. I keep her in San Diego. smile.gif


J. Dillon
02-18-2002, 09:40 PM
Speaking of places, Can any body guess where this is ?

Wayne Jeffers
02-18-2002, 10:23 PM
I don't know where it's at, Jack, but it is beautiful!

As one who dabbles a bit at looking at the world with one eye through a little hole, I hope you had to put an appropriate amount of time and planning into that shot and had to wait a while for just the right combination of cloud pattern and color. Photos composed and executed that well should not be the result of luck. :D

But then, I know well the idea of keeping a camera at hand and simply recognizing a good shot when it presents itself.

Either way, well done!

Thanks for sharing!


02-19-2002, 08:49 AM
Some great photos, and nice topic John Smith.

For Jack Dillon, your photo is a keepsake. For some reason the location looks familiar, so went to the album and found this spur of the minute shot taken back in '95. Are we looking at the same island in the background?



J. Dillon
02-19-2002, 10:52 AM
You're right on Abe.


02-19-2002, 01:24 PM
Before you let everyone else know the location Jack, I know we have a few others who frequent this forum who can look out of their office window and view this place, although probably ice and snow covered. Any other takers?

Wayne Jeffers
02-19-2002, 03:31 PM
I just looked out my office window, Abe.

Nope. That photo is definitely not the Ohio River. smile.gif


Ian McColgin
02-19-2002, 03:34 PM
Nor Fort Point Channel in Boston . . .

John B
02-19-2002, 04:35 PM
It's been in a few editions hasn't it.

imported_Steven Bauer
02-19-2002, 08:46 PM
Is that the Woodenboat dock?

J. Dillon
02-19-2002, 11:02 PM

You're right. That is WoodenBoat dock and anchorage, Boooklin ME.

A great place for all Forumites to make a pilgramage to at least once in there life time.

With a little luck you may meet the editioral staff and for sure the shops and instructors.

With that inspiration it all happens for US.

02-20-2002, 02:35 PM
Ok, too many pixels and probably too wide for the monitor, but that happens when you highjack photos from another web-site.

These are shots taken in the general vicinity of Jacks and my photos.
And credits most likely to Scot. :rolleyes:


See what you are missing if you don't plan a trip to WoodenBoat. More photos on the "school" web page.

Edited to reduce screen width.

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Art Read
02-21-2002, 06:20 AM
You're all making me really impatient to finish my boat... No lovely shots of her anchored at sunset yet, but here's one I just ran across of a quiet day on the edge of the Pacific high a few years ago... 'Bout as far as you can get from land between here and Hawaii and I just "stumbled" across this glass float bobbing around with about twenty pounds of growth on it... As I type this, it sits in a corner of the den with a fancy "ribbon" that SWMBO tied around it... You should have seen the one I "tried" to catch a few hours earlier... Still had the manila netting on it... It shattered under the boat's counter as we tried to retrieve it. "Shattered" us too... Couldn't believe it when we spotted this one a few miles farther along!


02-21-2002, 03:22 PM
http://www.morebutter.com/folkboatimages%2Fpatience%2Fimages%2FNoah%20in%20P atience.jpg
Here I am enjoying on of the last sails of summer. No action shots yet, but those will be coming soon. Ahh the good old days...


Matt J.
02-22-2002, 01:34 PM
WOW! Everyone, WOW!

Please keep posting your pics. I love this. I'll get some of Saga and maybe Scrooge's Yacht (our dink) this spring.

02-22-2002, 06:45 PM
Here is the Lyman that my dad an I restored. (and share) We split the $300 price 50-50 when I was eight years old. (though he forked out the cash for wood and materials)



02-23-2002, 10:27 AM
Originally posted by Noah:
Here is the Lyman...Only on those photos, got the little red X's (and blank photo frames with '0' bits).

For the first time I can recall it working, a right click on the 'X' and "show picture" from the menu and there they were!

Nice!! :cool: :cool: smile.gif

02-25-2002, 05:41 PM
Will you still love me?

I've just found the WBForum again. So much has changed. How come it says "Hello, Andrew [log out]"? Have I been a bad boy? It's gonna take weeks to catch up. I'm glad to see this thread is still going. Here's another pic of one of the Maine schooners we saw while at WBSchool this summer. Sorry I don't have more info.


Chris Coose
02-26-2002, 09:58 AM
First time image posting.
Don't have decent images of the cat yet. This is a 4 year old that me and the bride built from scratch and a 1923 Old Town that got a new skin. We are situated at Carter Lake in North central Maine. Moose, no camps, a few fish, no other campers, you know, the usual Maine experience.
Lets see if it posts.


Yippie! Thanks guys! You don't realize what you may have unleashed.

[ 02-28-2002, 06:16 PM: Message edited by: Chris Coose ]

02-26-2002, 12:34 PM
If at first you don't succeed....

My money is on it not being an imageStation problem but not enough got into you message to toy with.


Wayne Jeffers
02-26-2002, 12:37 PM
Looks like he copied the link to the album, rather than the link to a photo, and tried to post it as an image.


Ed Harrow
02-26-2002, 12:44 PM
I could at least get to Chris's picture (reminds me of days on the Allagash with Amanda), but can't get anything from Andrew's. (Wecome back, oh prodigal hmmmmm, member? More and more this place misses those with early history - please use your influence on the heathen, LOL.)

02-26-2002, 01:08 PM
Second attempt


(Update: I changed the IMG's to lower case and left the .org.jpg on the end)

Chris Coose
02-26-2002, 03:50 PM
Norm, Wayne, Ed, Don,
Thanks guys. I'll bet you make as excellent a crew on deck of a boat as you do on this deck.
I'll try again when I got a few minutes.
The four year old and the bride take up a lot more free time than any of the wood boats I got and breaking through this pasting/posting dilema cannot be done when tending to the girls.

Chris Coose
02-26-2002, 07:51 PM
Hey dad! the fish is right there!!!
Drop that fly on his head, you idiot.


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Art Read
02-27-2002, 02:56 AM

02-27-2002, 08:40 AM

This is getting to be like trying to explain the punchline

Chris Coose
02-27-2002, 08:53 AM
Looks like you are on to it Andrew.
Good place to practice and with fine instructors!
I don't need a long explanation but why is it that we can't just copy and paste? The rest of the business of this forum is so easy. Is it copywrite business?

Mr. Know It All
02-27-2002, 07:28 PM
Why not just post the url?----> http://www.mariner.org/exhibits/bodine/images/lg_P5076.jpg
can you click on this?
peace---> Kevin in Ohio

Chris Coose
02-28-2002, 03:09 PM
Fishing at Chebaco Lake Essex, MA
Note the style and gear.

Note the results.

Chris Coose
02-28-2002, 03:43 PM
I spent the day unhooking her fish. Mother dressing and undressing her when she wanted to swim with with the fish.
Uh, but what a day it was. More to come.
You may also note one of my brother's lake craft.
He and I are different that way. Fun boat though.
I was absolutly mystified that a 75 hp motor could plane the ark.

J. Dillon
02-28-2002, 04:03 PM
Chris, Now that's one graceful girl. smile.gif

J. Dillon
03-02-2002, 05:34 PM

PS. It still has me puzzled. The mountain doesn't look high enough to be Hawaii but then again it might. Looks like a finish of a race involving outrigger canoes and racing sculls ( off to the side) The second image has blue water that could be a lot of places. I'll stick with my first guess. ;) JD

[ 03-02-2002, 05:54 PM: Message edited by: J. Dillon ]

03-04-2002, 02:34 PM
I posted this in the Misc. section, but nobody seems to care about boats there... Maybe somebody will read it here.

A long time ago before my family lost it all, they used to own Fishers Island in Long Island sound. They owned it from around 1900-1920 or so. A few relatives still have houses there, but not what it once was.

Anyway, my dad and I were digging through some old photographs and found a few good boat shots.
The first is my grandfather in a "One Design" I'm guessing that this is a Fishers Island one design, but I'm not sure... Picture taken around 1910

The Next are three shots of "snickerdoos". (that is what the boats were called I guess)The photo said my Great Great Grandfather bought 2 of them for the island. Pictures were probably taken around the same time.



Lots of sail, and lots of deck...
I'm guessing that the sails were so large because the wind is pretty light in Long Island sound during the summer. In the second picture you can tell just how tippy they were. Not much in the way of waves on the water, and that boat is heeled waaayyy over...

Anyway, I will keep digging around to find more Fishers Island photos. Lots of nice wooden boats back then.

Does anyone still sail snickerdoos? It is a nice looking little boat.


03-04-2002, 03:00 PM
Just poking some fun at the board...

Not trying to be upper crust or anything...
I don't often say things that are meant to be taken seriously anyway.

Yes, Fishers Island is a great place. I haven't spent enough time there, but I have had some good fishing in the rip.

Have a good one.


Chris Coose
03-04-2002, 03:12 PM
Nice grouping Noah.
Current active topics at Misc. include riding mowers, corvette boaters, toilet articles and the usual political wars. It is a playground of a different nature.
I came here last week and learned how to post some photos and got some nice feedback (don included).
People and Places is a fine spot to place those valuable items and I am particularly fond of cat rigs. The laps on the little boats are masterpieces.
It's also nice to put up heritage pieces, especially your own. Love the idea that they'd put on a tie to sail.
I wished I had some of the old time Essex Cooses (Ceese) working on the boats that came out of that port.
Keep em'coming.
p.s. The Catboat Association may be interested in those images. Check them out.

[ 03-04-2002, 03:28 PM: Message edited by: Chris Coose ]

John B
03-04-2002, 03:26 PM
thanks for those photos Noah. Going to get them blown up and put on the wall at home I hope ?

Chris Coose
03-04-2002, 03:32 PM
Was that your family's picnic boat don?

Chris Coose
03-04-2002, 04:16 PM
I hope you know I was just busting your chops.
I'm a decendant of the Burnhams of Essex. They built a mess of them in Essex but I think they were mostly big coasters.
Someday I'll visit the museum in town. Can't seem to take myself from the striper heaven when I'm visiting there.

03-04-2002, 04:58 PM

Looks like you got a couple of pretty nice ships in your history too... What it must have been like to drive one of those things.

I'm a Ferguson. Clan motto: "Clann Fhearghuis gu brath" (Clan Ferguson for ever.)
Though in truth I'm more of a Robertson than a Ferguson, but who's counting? smile.gif

John B, if I can find a place on my walls they will go up. One day I will post the plans of my Grandfathers (the kid in the tie) real boat. Origiannly called Mahdeena. Pretty neat boat. Around 32 ft long, and had an upright piano in the salon... (not sure why though)


Mr. Know It All
03-04-2002, 10:05 PM
Noah........Great pictures. Yours too Donn. My ancestors were coal miners. I am the only one in my family who has had any interest in wood boats or boats in general. I guess it's up to me to start the family tradition.
Peace---> Kevin in Ohio

Ed Harrow
03-05-2002, 12:34 PM
Fisher's Island? Heck, my mother's family owned all of Brooklyn - sold it and moved to Pennsylvania so Don's family could build boats.

Nice pictures. Loved the ties.

Wild Dingo
03-05-2002, 11:49 PM
Hey Mike... Just looked out me window and thought... mmmmmm thats strange... bright sunshine about 85 or so in the F temp, birds singing, all critters moving happily, lizards baskin in the sunshine young woman over the road out sunbakin in the semi nuddie :cool: ... then I see that pic of yours from "downunder" and wondered if someone had painted a picture on me window so I headed outside... nope! flamin warm as toast, lovely gentle slight breeze. ;)

So is that Mike Fields backyard barbie??? hey when did the polar bears move to "downunder"? Im curious here I aint never had polar bear on the barbie!! damn! I knew them east coasters were pullin me leg about it being cold over there that looks downright freezin!! :eek:

Take it easy

Mike Field
03-06-2002, 09:43 AM
Freezing? Nah, Dingo, that's me in the shorts.

On South Georgia Island.

Scott Rosen
03-06-2002, 10:14 AM
Jeez! What does a guy have to do to join this club?

My ancestors were Rabbis, Torah Scribes and lunatics, with a couple of Navy guys thrown in. Guess which side of the family I take after?

Right. The lunatics.

03-06-2002, 06:04 PM
Hey I'm not trying to boss you folks- this is me with my humble hat on. But it strikes me that many of the picture posts in here could be separate topics. I find myself discouraged by the time it takes to load, even if I click straight on page 3. Thus the risk of missing some great pictures. On the other hand, we may eventually rival global warming if we keep on.