View Full Version : canoes' folding centerboard

07-23-2001, 01:32 AM
Oh I want one. No. Strike that. I need one. Worse than that I want to make one. Well to do that I need more knowledge. Knowledge about how they go together and how they work. Anything would help. Descriptions, plans, pictures, suggestions, scantlings, patent. Were they a series of boxes? Stiff enough fans? What?

Thanks in advance

Todd Bradshaw
07-23-2001, 02:15 AM
When I wrote my book, I wanted to include info on fan centerboards and couldn't find much information in the form of good plans or drawings to go by. I did find a source where you can buy them ready-made. It's the Springfield Fan Centerboard Co. (Bob Lavertue) 20 Treetop Ave. Springfield, MA 01118 (413) 783-5589. They have two or three models from about $500 to about $1,000.

I distilled the information that I found and stuck a proposed building plan for one in the book ("Canoe Rig" from Woodenboat Books) which might be of help in designing and building one yourself. Essentially, they are long, low centerboard trunks containing a brass or bronze, wedge-shaped blade and several hollow, sleeves that telescope around it. The blade and sleeves hang from a pivot bolt and a gasketed handle protrudes from the top of the trunk to raise and lower the board. Though it would be a fairly complex thing to scratch-build as tolerances and gasketing need to be pretty precise, I don't get the feeling that it would be all that difficult and there isn't an awful lot of machining or special equipment required. Most of it is sheet metal work.