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07-18-2012, 10:26 AM
Thank you Dave for donating the Plans!

First we where looking into strip built canoes but we then discovered SkinOnFrame boats.
The length was an issue. About 4m was our maximum. I modified the frames a little to have the twarts sit on the frames. We also added full floorboards for improved stability, they are glued to the keel and lowest stringers.
After studying the instructions we started by cutting out the frames with the jigsaw. While one was cutting under supervision the others where busy drawing the templates on the wood, sanding edges, cutting notches with the scroll-saw or fret-saw.
We needed about 2h to cut out all frames+bow and trensom.

I took all the parts to my shop and went over all edges with a r6mm router bit.
12yr old kids are rather limited in what tools they are allowed to handle...cutting, scarfing and gluing stringers, keel, and gunnels was also my job.

The kids built the strongback and we had the frames installed. Needed 4h (2 weeks) to lash all stringers to the frames. In between the whole frame was stored in the back of the classroom.
After that we moved outside to the trash bins...there is enough space and nobody would mind sanding and epoxy.

All the gluing (installing gunnels and transom) was done by me again using nitrite gloves and protection...

The last 4h of sanding where done voluntarily in the last week (no regular classes but projects, 30C in the classrooms-no air condition). After the kids had fitted in the floors it was me gluing them in again.

We used very light polyester (180g/m), it was the only one readily available in 170cm width. I could not get stainless staples...replaced them with 1cm brass tacks (also very cheap...3€/500nails). We used a small wooden comb to hold them in place before hammering them in. About 600 nails later the skin was on pretty tight. A heatgun was used to tighten the skin. 4 layers of floor vanish where applied.
Rubrails installed-though we used brassplated steel screws which are getting a little rusty in the heads (put in paint now...when it starts to get ugly I will replace them with full brass screws).
You can see that we also used the brass tacks on the transom.

We also used the evil brother of silicone (hotglue) in some places (gluing the rubrail and applying some under the rubrail that no water can get in between it and the skin when the boat is upside down...we'll see how it works out in the long run.)

I carved out some oars now...have to install the brass/chrome oarlocks tomorrow...

We will put the boat on display after holidays...take it out for christening and then try to sell it for double the cost of the material to built another boat next year.
I`ve already bought Bolgers "small boats" and drawn the "Mippet" out in CAD. The "Mippet" also does not require scarfing stringers...less work for me. I will also let them install the floor panels in prerouted notches next time. That will also help with keeping the distance between the frames right.
When the budget allows I want to install a Mirage drive.

The kids loved building the boat...I guess this will be everything they will remember from school after 20 years :)

I uploaded pictures at Picasa.


07-18-2012, 10:37 AM
some pictures

Someone forgot a rasp under a floorboard...had to route that out. First hole drilled was to near the frame for inserting the router...haha