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06-04-2012, 01:22 PM

My Wifes friend posted this as a farewell to her Grandfather, I thought it was a nice piece of writing.

Ode to my Grandfather, John Doe born October 19, 1920, passed away today, June 1, 2012. "He was a man of the sea, the salt air his bread, the sea spray his butter. He lived a full life, as captain some years, as rock-star-radio DJ-talk-show-host, or as world traveler, each time riding the waves to where they would take him. His final place was living in comfort in a lazy, gringo-filled San... Miguel de Allende, Mexico. With friends & family surrounding his day, he was able to live a very full life, although he wished, at times, for such discussions that would stimulate his active and quick mind. He was most satisfied when those around him were filled with deep thoughts, or prose, and once while I was there, I recorded a poetry reading with him and some of his friends - on my camera's movie setting. They all showed up to encourage him one day - and I sat in rapt attention to the depth of their readings. Today, I honored my Grandfather's memory by dining at Red Lobster. For two hours I kept seeing myself having a big plate of shrimp - and finally understood that it would have been his desire to eat this meal with me. Sitting under the "International Signal Flags" from different ships, I felt at home with the nautical decor - as though I was back on his ship, The Roanoke, and we were just enjoying the lapping sound of the water under us. Aye Aye, captain!"
Love you, Grandpa...