View Full Version : 1938 40' Ketch

Josh Guyot
08-05-2001, 12:15 PM
I recently purchased a 40' wooden ketch in California. The previous owners said the boat was built in Chicago in 1938 by the Bonds Boat Yard. At some point in her history her numbers where chiseled out and her current registration lists her as an Illinois homebuilt. Calling the boat yard reveled nothing except that the yard was then known as the Chicago Boat Works.

She is 14' wide and her stern section only narrows a little to about 10' and sweeps aft about 4-5' and 3' up off the water. She is full keeled and built with 3x2" bent oak frames on 12" centers, planked with what looks like 1 1/4" fir.

People have told me she looks English built and was possibly a fishing vessel.

If anyone has any thoughts or information on Bonds Boat yard or Chicago Boat works or the designer I would greatly appreciate any help.

I have digital pics I can send.

Dale Harvey
08-06-2001, 10:29 AM
Chiseled out? If you own a vessel that was a U.S. documented hull, and that document was not legally surrendered, and the numbers were removed or altered, you could be in for trouble. Tread very softly and get good PAID FOR legal advise from an admiralty certified lawyer, before saying anything to anyone.