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01-10-2001, 03:03 PM
I'm building Robert Stephen's 15' Ocean Skiff. I'm planning to keep it pretty open because I hope to fly fish from it. I'll probably set up a steering stick rig and plan to stand a lot.

But, I'd also like to have seats or thwarts available for when I have company or for making longer runs. Does anyone have thoughts or plans for making seats that fold out from the sides?

This boat has a little side decking running the length of the boat, so a folded seat could hide underneath that.

It's a plywood V-hull with three lapstrakes for topsides.

01-10-2001, 05:10 PM
A really nifty folding seat came to me by way of my grandfather's stationary jigsaw. It was just a paddle shaped shelf, hinged at its base, and with (and this is the nifty part, if only I can describe it) a simple folding support, made of hardwood in two equal lengths and with hinges well fastened in the middle and at each end. When folded, the support makes a neat stack of two pieces that tuck up under the folded seat. The fastening for the base of the seat is to a cleat that sets the base out a bit and allows enough room for the support to fold.

When extended, the two support pieces go slightly past a straight line, and "chunk", lock into place. To fold it again you just take the weight off and give a push at the hinge in the center of the support.

Is it any wonder we invented drawing before our first written communication?

Maybe, if you sit down and play with what I've said, you will come up with it. It is very simple, with just four hinges as hardware. (base of the support, middle of the support, support to seat joint, and the base of the seat itself). If I wasn't a computer troglodyte, I'd send a drawing.

If the narrow side deck you describe has a coaming, the seat I describe would suffice for what you need, I think.

Best of luck, Jack

01-10-2001, 05:49 PM

Thank you. The support system was just the thing I was having difficulty picturing. The hinge that allows the two pieces to go just beyond center and "chunk" into place sounds great.

Wonder how it would hold up in a chop? Hate to watch my wife end up on her keester as we slog up Penobscot Bay some afternoon.

Thanks again,


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