View Full Version : New build progress, 18 1/2' by 6' runabout

W Grabow
04-24-2012, 09:18 PM
Last spring I finished a new boat, so naturally this past winter I had to start on a new design. It had to be different to give me an excuse (or do I really need one?) to start a new project. Basically the same size but all new dimensions and details. Underneath is a 12 degree constant deadrise hull with chine flats and no rocker. The constant deadrise would have less stability than the previous 6 degree "warped' bottom so the chine flats should help with that. Constant deadrise is also easier to build. The sheer profile is flat, more like a classic runabout, but in this size boat I raised the foredeck by 5" to give a deeper cockpit and raise the windshield to meet more closely with the planned bimini top (a godsend in sunny Colorado). By reducing the deck camber and slightly changing the angle of projection the "powderhorn" bow effect is eliminated. The stern tumblehome effect has been extended further forward to reduce a slight flat spot in the topsides amidship. The transom has been beefed up some for greater power.

W Grabow
04-24-2012, 09:24 PM