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04-26-2001, 10:49 AM
Jeffery - Still around? Just snooping around in paddleboats as there is quite a bit of interest in the small boat/kayak/human powered areas for development of a shallow water craft which does not have a propeller to foul. The most advanced paddlewheelers in the world are now thought to be German. The two best of these are at:
Its my understanding the CLEMENTINE was the Euro champion for about 10 years, and the 6hydro boat champion in the late 90's, and that they represent about the fastest padlewheel/unit of power so far put together. Note that these boats are quite stark competition cousins to the Bolger/Payson MADELLINE which was reported to be quite swift considering the old guys pedalling it.

Jeff Lane
04-27-2001, 01:27 PM
Yes, I'm still around, Henri. It seems to me, though, that the idea of speed competition in a human-powered paddleboat sort of defeats the "cruise quietly and slowly around looking at natural things in a peaceful way" feeling that is one of the main advantages for this sort of thing. If one just wants to go fast on the water through one's own effort, there are easier, more efficient ways of doing it, like kayaks and canoes.
Jeff Lane

04-29-2001, 01:28 PM
Jeff, you're the one in Europe, arn't you? There is a "Jeffery" in the US who is interested in these, and the German boats seem to have the most efficient paddlewheels. There is no reason these would not work on a slower leisure craft. Incidently, both these German craft do have rowing shell type hulls under them. The people working in HPV boats are interested in the most efficient paddlewheel possible for propulsion of a small HP boat through lilly pads and surface weeds where props have big trouble. From what data I have collected, a optimised prop boat should beat a paddlewheeler (pw)every time, but the pw has a broader bell curve of efficiency and when the prop boat is operating either above or below its optimum and below the broader efficiency curve of the pw, the pw can be a preferrable selection.

05-01-2001, 09:42 PM
Hey Henri
I'm still kicking I have been working on the paddlewheel research fairly steady, but find myself using more time these days on building houses lists in Yahoo groups escecally in areas of organtic architecture ( natural and recycled building materials that can be really cheep, ) and papercrete ( a miz of news paper and cement) adobe, modular, and after market building ( use of material that is normally sent to the land fill like liscence plates for roofing shingles. pieces of 2x lumber that are cut off in either the manufacturing process or the building process
my strong point is creating curved beams out of scrap 7/16 wafer board laminated together
My handle on this forum changed from freedem to seafox because where there was a change over time back at wooden boat I lost my cookie and couldn't remember my password and it was easyer just to redgister again..

How is every thing going with you? did the Bolger wheel work out? I agree with you about striving for efficancy is good just not for speed but for easyer peddling at crusing speed. Dispite good intentions I have not build any boats yet. My day light hours for the last month have been trying to get the track back on a D-2 catipilar dozer, and fixing a skid steer that was vandalized over the winter
I'm here in Utah where all the talk is of our lack of water lake powell is down 38 feet from full. I still hope to get down there before it starts filling. ( with our 65 percent of normal snow pack) and we hear of the flooding in the upper midwest and wish it could be sent west.
How is every thing in florida are you building this year?
hope all is well with you and thankyou for the links

05-02-2001, 03:48 PM
Hi Henri
I'm still around havn't got any boat built yet. How dud you last year go ? Did you get to try the Bolger wheel? The wooden boat people are the greatest in the nov ssue they published a request for information on paddlewheels from me and the responce was great, I recived from an engineer in colorado a wonderfull treatisis on paddlewheels that included the formula for area of float per horse power. and then after I had written and thanked him he wrote again pointing out where I may have over generalized with the formula becoause it did not have a time element in it.

I tried to post a reply last night but it did not apear here Scot said he would research things it seems that maybe I removew my bility to send things when I droped out of a large number of forums and groups and cluds yesterday???

so I am trying this again to see if it works now. hope all is well with you and yours
What boats are you thinking on now?

05-02-2001, 08:19 PM
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