View Full Version : WB Plan 116 "Lubec Boat"

10-02-2000, 12:26 PM
Has anyone ever built this boat? I was wondering how it performed. I also was curious as to wether a Deutz f1011 3cyl., 40hp air cooled engine would be sufficient auxillary for this craft? Replies would be appreciated.

John Harvey
10-04-2000, 09:42 PM
Apparently my great grandfather could turn out Eastport Pinkys at the rate of about one per month on Deer Island New Brunswick at about the turn of the century. I can't afford to build this boat but maybe someday......I know that apart from this design Roger Long (a Naval Architect on Scott Dyer Rd outside Yarmouth Maine) also designed a Pinky the same length. I have his plans and they are similar to this design, very complete with similar lines.
The original boats were very wet. My grandfather told me that when they raced they used a canvas spray skirt around the helsmsman's waist, used rock ballast and when sailed hard had water a third of the way over the deck. They were built roughly and didn't "live" long because of their very hard use around the weirs in the Bay of Fundy. They had low freeboard so men could use a dip net to load them with herring. A few examples of the larger ones survived into my grandfather's time. He told me that some were built using only one midships station sometimes set on a keel with stem and sternpost set up. He also said that the fastest ones were proportionally narrower than the Lubec boat you are thinking of building. Also the ones with the best windward ability had very very little curve to the bilge at the stern. From the bottom of the sternpost to the sheer there was little curvature. He said that this way the keel wasn't forced upwards (to leeward I guess he meant) and that this kept the boat from falling off the wind. Before he passed away he produced a half model of a pinky 32' on deck. The mast was well forward with a much more substantial turn of the bilge as you moved forward. This boat was actually built (beautifully I might add) about 20 years ago in Nova Scotia. I don't know what happened to it. Good luck. Please tell WOODENBOAT if you get this boat built. I'd love to see one.