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martin schulz
05-18-2001, 09:31 AM
I just happend to take a look at the pictures from this years meeting in Antigua. By looking at the marvelous pictures I also took a look at the 2000 and 1999 pictures. There is this one picture with the small 26'' long bermuda rigged Cutter "Cora" in Front of the Dinosaur Endeavour I would like to ask a question about. What kind is that ship, who owns it, where was it built...

05-18-2001, 03:36 PM

Thank you for your e-mail pointing me to the picture you refer to. I don't know what design the very attractive and capable-looking 'Cora' is. Perhaps the people at Woodenboat have her listed in the "Registry of Wooden Boats"?

Here is the URL and note Martin sent me:

'There you have a couple of reports and other things from our Clublive (the
Americas Cup Event is in there two, with a couple of our yachts competing)
and farther down the Link to the Antigua Classics. Following the Link, there
are several picture galleries (I sent you two of the actual race and the one
with Cora). In the 1999 classic galleries is this picture of Cora and

Be sure to look at the 'Endeavour' photos, everybody.

What a powerhouse!!

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Wilson Fitt
05-25-2001, 05:50 AM
Cora is owned by Jane and Ken Coombs. Try coombsk@candw.ag or the Antigua Yacht Club contact them. They live in Antigua and have been chief organizors of the Antigua Classic for several years(at least up to 2000, I'm not sure about this year).

John B
05-27-2001, 11:27 PM
Danged if I can find it in there.... any hints?