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02-22-2012, 05:24 AM

I just rang some very very, dear friends of mine in Kos.
Never mind who's responsible, ordinary people over there are hurting BAD.
My friends work in tourism. They are 2 months behind in their rent. Have had no income since summer ended.
Michalis usually works over winter, fixing boats, painting for the next season. No work this winter.
his wife works arranging tours for summer, no work.

I've sent them a little to help tide them over til the season starts.
Greeks are proud people, they wont tell you If you dont ask.
Michalis says the church is feeding 1000 people per day on a small island.

So If you have friends over there on the islands, give em a call, if just to say "how you going"


I'll post this upstairs

John Bailey
03-03-2012, 09:28 AM
Hi Meli,

I just wanted to add to the urgency of the situation in Greece. I married a Greek gal and so have friends and family. Meli is right, they are really hurting there. Many, if not most, have gone months without income and food is often hard to come by. Our family is doing OK because they are retirement age and own their own homes. The way housing is in Greece, at least their housing market is not going to collaps any time soon. That may be different in Athens and Thesoloniki, but in the rural areas they should be OK.

I usually go over every year, but because of work I couldn't take the time last year. Because of retirement I plan on spending a month in Greece the last part of April and first part of May this year. It is a beautiful country with, maybe, the richest culture and history of anywhere in the western world. My favorite thing to do is to take a few days off by myself on a scooter and go to the many rural villages. You haven't lived until you're in a village around 10:00 A.M. And the whole village is at the local bakery getting their day's bread. Sometimes you can talk the local baker into a loaf of warm bread, slap on some butter, and be in simple culinary heaven. Μάλιστα!!

Anyone who has the means would be doing Greece a favor with a visit this year. Take cash 'cause credit cards won't work off the beaten path, and off the beaten path is where it's at.