View Full Version : MD2B and MD11D Volvo engines

02-06-2012, 11:05 PM
A fork in the road for me. I have a MD2B on my boat with a minimum of two bent pushrods, probable piston damage from apparent stuck valve and unsure if any other damage (will know in two weeks what total damage is). I have a spare MD2B engine in my shop that has rod crank side journals that are very rough, probable not repairable, but lots of good parts for the MD2B.
I have the opportunity to pickup a MD11D. Good oil pressure, starts up after cranking for 30 seconds, according to owner of 24 years. Only major work was 12 years ago a cylinder liner was replaced.
Now for the fork, if I picked up the MD11D as a spare engine, will it mount to my MS transmission that is in the boat now? The 11 comes with its own tranny but I like the thought of having a spare one on hand. Also which is the better engine? I know that the 11 has lower compression because of the harder starting, what are the odds that this is a valve job, hone and rings versus very very expensive new cylinder liners and seals?