View Full Version : Senior Knarr plans

Rich Shew
11-19-2000, 06:19 PM
I have a "Senior" Knarr built in 1956 in Norway and I am looking for a set of plans and construction specs.
For anyone familiar with the Knarr class, The Senior Knarr is similar, but has a longer cabin trunk and a slightly larger rig. There may be a few other differences as well, but unfortunately my boat is in such perilous condition at the moment, I have little to go on.
I have also heard this variant on the Knarr referred to as an American Knarr or an East Coast Knarr.
In any event, my boat, hull number 414 will need to have virtually all of the frames in the middle of the boat replaced, along with at least three, possibly four floor timbers, the deck, and four planks on the starboard side. I'm prepared to deal with these problems, but as I prepare to rebuild the interior and approach other, more subtle issues, I would like to find a set of plans.
To date, I have sent e-mails to the admirals of the San Francisco and Norwegian Knarr clubs hoping they can point me in the right direction.
If anyone out there knows where I can find plans, there would be a cold beer in it for them.

-Rich Shew