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12-27-2011, 07:01 PM
I'm not sure the right place to post this so feel free to move or delete if it is the wrong place.

Designed by William Garden, built by Clair Oberley in Japan
Hull #7
LOA 44', LOD 40', LWL 36'
Mahogany planks on oak frames
Fiberglass decks, (wood) over plywood aft deck and cockpit.
Engine: Perkins diesel, 4-236 (more about that below)
Name "Grace"
Location: Anchored off Catalina Island, near Avalon.

We bought this beautiful boat to live aboard, but our business has since taken a nosedive. We cannot afford to do the work that she needs. She was in fairly good condition when we bought her, and we have been constantly doing work on her and making improvements. No project on her is huge (if you have woodworking skills as we do, or can pay someone who does), but we simply do not have the few thousand dollars we need to bring her to the mainland, have her engine installed, haul her out, and repair the spot where the previous owner removed the caulking. (see below for more about that.) She needs to have those things done before she can be berthed in a marina.

To be in great shape, she needs a new aft deck (or repairs to the existing one). The beam underneath the mizzen mast has some rot damage and needs to be replaced. There are a few areas in the fiberglass deck that need to be patched, and the deck needs a new coat of paint. The cabin ceiling has a few places that need to be patched, as well, and the cabin should have a nice new coat of paint, as well. The engine (see below) needs to be installed. The propeller is with the boat. She is taking on water slowly, from 18" of seam which the caulking was removed by a previous owner and from another leak. The bilge pump works well and keeps the bilge empty as long as the battery has a charge, 1 deep cycle battery lasts about a day. We can't afford the trips out to the island to change the battery any more and want to give her to someone who can.

The topsides have been sanded and have a coat of primer applied. We have the Paint it's Epifanes yacht enamel in dark green, the same color as the dinghy. Very dignified, with lots of panache, and a great contrast to brightwork.)

The interior woodwork is in good shape- a few areas need sanding and varnishing, but most do not. The galley floor is a bit scuffed and needs sanding to be perfect. We had someone looking after her and they neglected the battery for a while and the water came over the floor boards and damaged the varnish some.

This boat is a custom order- she was made to run on a Perkins 4-236 instead of the smaller Perkins that the other Mariners have.

Sleeps 7- Quarterberth with adjoining floor, v-berth with mast between the two sides, pull-out double berth in the main cabin, and dinette converts to double berth.

The head is a wetbath, but there is no shower installed. The actual head works very well, and is CLEAN.

Galley has icebox, stove, single-tub sink with foot pump. To accommodate the larger engine, there is a spice-and-bottle rack instead of the standard forward counter that most Mariners have. (I have spent many weeks cooking three meals a day in this galley- it is a very nice and convenient workspace. When we bought the boat I though I would miss the extra counter space, but it is actually a nice size, and easy to clean.) The stove is an old sea-dog CNG stove which we converted, with new orifices, to propane. It is very hot and nice to cook on, even every day for three meals a day. The heat inside is a bit variable, but it can roast chicken and bake bread and cake with the best of them. Cooking on the Grace is NOT like camping. It is a civilized and pleasant experience. (Can you tell it's the wife writing this?)

Varnished wood interior, lots of beautiful custom woodwork. Lying on a berth in the main cabin, you look around and think, "Hey! Look at that neat little scroll! I didn't notice that was there!" She has large windows in the aft section of the cabin and in the galley, which make the interior very light and pleasant to live in.

We have a Perkins 4-236 which is not installed, that we can sell if you are interested. We had a very good marine mechanic go over it- it needs to have the mounts and the water pump replaced. We bought it out of another boat, and when it motored up to the place where they were going to crane it out, it was very quiet and smooth sounding.

The boat comes with a hard tender. It is fiberglass, with a lapstrake appearance. It has fiberglassed wooden seats (the kind where they look like varnished wood, but are impervious to the elements). The tender is stored on the forward deck. she was freshly painted but has a few places where the paint was scrached off hoisting her on deck.
The aft deck is very spacious and comfortable. The taffrail and spindles are newly sanded and oiled.

She has a full suit of sails. We don't know what condition all of them are in.

There are too many extras to mention- PFDs, flare gun, water jugs, 2 anchors(20kg Bruce, and similar size CQR), 1 150' and 1 90' all chain rodes, lots of line, hardware, and tackle. She has a solid bronze manual windlass, original boarding ladder, beautiful original mahogany-on-oak wheel, and depth finder, although it isn't hooked up.

In conclusion, this boat is a lady. She will make her owner very happy. We really wish we could keep her.

Here is a link to our blog about the boat with more pictures:


We are giving her away to the first person that can take her on and sign the papers.

(626) 798-4838

Rich Jones
12-27-2011, 07:42 PM
It's usually frowned upon to sell or give away boats on the forum. Try listing in the WB website or in the Boats for Free section of the classified in WBM. Free boat, free ad.
She seems like a beauty. Good luck.

12-27-2011, 08:03 PM
Good luck, she's potentially a nice boat.

David G
12-27-2011, 08:27 PM
I've done some work on a very similar boat (Hardin SeaWolf) and been aboard another (fg) version. They are very nice boats, indeed. Garden could really draw a gorgeious, and lively boat. I sincerely hope someone takes this one on. What a bargain!

12-27-2011, 08:41 PM
It's not frowned on upon by me to post it here. I'd like to see her taken care of by any means. Hope it works out.

Why not dive on the leaks and give them a temp fix? Dry sawdust works wonders in a pinch. It will suck right into the hole and hopefully plug it. It washes out when underway though. There are other more tempermanent fixes too that might get you to a spring haulout.

12-30-2011, 09:58 AM
Grace is taken. Thanks.

David G
12-30-2011, 11:48 AM

Glad you found a home for her. I hope it's a very good home!

12-31-2011, 09:53 AM
Me too! And I second BettyB's suggestion to stem the leak. Emergency caulking can be done fron inside, or a patch can be tacked on inside. You might not stop the leak but you can significantly decrease it.

Lew Barrett
12-31-2011, 12:46 PM
Good luck to you and the new owner. I wish you the best as you go forward, and a future free of want and anxiety. Aside, I think posting here under the circumstances was within the spirit of the forum, and I am glad it worked out for you.