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10-12-2000, 09:35 PM
Does anyone have any experience with these boats? I've ordered the 20ft plans and hope to build one. I've heard that the motor well interferes with the swing of the motor. Is that true? Any thoughts on motor well size. I also plan on using a 40 - 50 hp motor, is that a good size?

garland reese
10-12-2000, 10:31 PM
Issue 144, Sep/Oct '98 has a write up about the Simmons Skiffs. Also, check with Dave Carnell. He can advise you on these boats.

Tom Lathrop
10-12-2000, 10:33 PM
Dave Carnells web site is http://home.att/~DaveCarnell/
He can answer any questions you have on the Simmons Sea Skiff.

Dave Carnell
10-13-2000, 07:02 AM
Tom, my web page is <http://home.att.net/~DaveCarnell>. I use a 50HP Mariner 2-stroke motor. Nelson Silva had good results with his heavier fiberglass-bottomed 20s with 45HP Honda 4-cycle motors.

We just received photos of one built in Thailand from the plans.

On the Sea-Skiff 18 the well is tight for a 25HP Honda, but no comments of motor interference on the Sea-Skiff 20. Mine goes full travel both ways.

Tom Lathrop
10-13-2000, 07:41 AM
Yeah Dave, sometimes my brain works faster than my typing fingers and sometimes the other way round. I left out "net" from the URL. I know that I should copy and paste URLs but you know, "old dogs ,new tricks".