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01-05-2000, 12:14 PM
I am seeking plans/pictures of the Shore Bird, of the Great South Bay Long Island. I have seen a pic and specs of it in Edwin Schoettle's book "Sailing Craft" (1949), but I would like to get a look at the plans.


Stephen Hunter
01-05-2000, 08:44 PM
In the launchings section of Wooden boat #149 there is a great pic of one of these beauties . Built at Alexandria Seaport foundation. Contact Joe Youcha, 1000 S.Lee St., Alexandria, VA 22314

04-16-2001, 07:26 PM
I just registered for this forum and I saw this old message. Dunno if anyone is still interested in plans for the Shorebird, but Joe Youcha built the boat at the Alexandria Seaport Foundation in VA from Schoettles' book. We lofted the drawings with a projector. The result is in Launchings in Woodenboat #149.

We built her because she is the largest boat that can sail at low tide anywhere on what is now called Moriches Bay (formerly E. Great South Bay) on LI. I've sailed a lot of modern racers and cruisers; there is nothing quite like the Shorebird. Mower knew what he was doing.



01-06-2005, 09:46 PM
OK. I have the book with the Shore Bird description and pictures. WB 149 led me to ask the question in the first place and led me to Schoettle's book. I photocopied the Shore Bird section for Joe Youcha who was good enough to write me back. He had the Schoettle book already, of course.

I looked up the old question and saw the new response from Mattituck.

Is there a way to get the Shore Bird plans from Joe Youcha? Or is there a Mower library somewhere that I can order plans from?

I have a small plastic boat that draws 2'9", and has a cabin and everything (I'm sailing it into the Peconic from Babylon for a visit this summer) but I'd like to have a little wooden day sailor, and the Shore Bird, being a GSB native, would be perfect. I mean, if I can't build the ever so gorgeous Timber Point Sloop.

Small boats, man, I just love em.


PS: Anyone know how I can get WB to email my old WB Name password to a new email address. My original name (member 514!) was to my college email address.

01-06-2005, 10:17 PM
I like to talk about Mower Shorebirds and Carter boats. I posted a photo of my shorebird and discussed it on the Building and Repair site on 9/26/04. That discussion fits in here. I have the book discussed here. In fact when I owned the boat, I could never figure it out and it may not be a shore bird! Apparently there were several built almost like the shorebird. I am interested in this whole bunch. When I was 16 instead of 60, my shorebird was my Caddy! Tell me more. smile.gif QmBob