View Full Version : Suck it, Bumbly Bees!!!

11-10-2011, 11:16 PM
Anyway , I will see you at the game tonight, might be a tough one for VT.

Wasn't going to discuss VT football on the Penn State thread, wasn't fitting. It was a tough night in Atlanta. For the bee's that is. We out rushed the vaunted GT rushing attack. We have a QB. If David Wilson comes back next year watch out! Our defensive front 7 tonight was all sophomores. Go Hokies!



11-11-2011, 05:56 PM
No kidding. I was worried about this game, so I was happy with the outcome. I am headed to Blacksburg next Thursday for the North Carolina game. Should be fun, but cold.

Here is my happy crew at the Boston College game. This was the girl's first football game, and it could not have been a better day. The scowling one in the middle started enjoying it once we put some points on the board in the second half. They were goggle eyed the whole time - watching twirlers throwing flaming batons, the Marching Virginians at half time, the wave sweep around 70,000 people.