View Full Version : The Cutter, Capt. Blackburn.

12-17-2000, 12:26 PM
Well folks, after much dreaming and day-dreaming and, did I say dreaming? I take the first few steps to explore the viability of constructing the boat that captured my heart.I would really appreciate the imput of someone that has first hand knowledge or is aquainted with someone who has first hand knowledge of this cruiser by William Garden.I am interested in the readability of the plans,techniques and building tools,materials and a construction time plan, as well as a location of one , or one being built.Am I asking too much?I know this may be too focused for this forum, but I hope that another dreamer out there, that is a little further along the path, may help me.
Thanks so much in advance.

Craig Lekven
02-01-2001, 10:36 PM
I have one under construction in California. I'm planking her right now, and I'm about a year behind schedule (what's the old saying; it'll take twice as long and be twice as expensive as you think!!) I've never seen a completed one myself, and I don't know how she'll sail. She sure looks good, though!

Check out the book "Lone Voyager" by Joseph E. Garland. It has a picture of the "Great Western", Howard Blackburn's cutter that Bill Garden based his design on.