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Robert Albers
12-20-2000, 08:52 PM
I'm looking for plans for a 22-26 ft. power boat for recreation. I've seen woodenboat's plans for the Eldridge McInnis Bass Boat. Anyone know if other designs by them are available? or other? Prefer "traditional" lines..

12-20-2000, 11:15 PM
Eldridge-McInniss may still be in business in Hingham, Massachusetts, in one way or another.

Todd Bradshaw
12-20-2000, 11:36 PM
There was also a pretty interesting 25' cruising powerboat by Antonio Dias in the October issue of WB. IT may be more enclosed than you're looking for, but it was a good looking boat.

Frank Hagan
12-21-2000, 02:32 AM
I've been looking at power boat cruisers, and there are a couple that might fit on your list. I like the traditional pilot house styling of Devlin's Surf Scoter at http://www.devlinboat.com/dcsurfscoter.htm and Arch Davis' Jack Tar at http://www.by-the-sea.com/archdavisdesign/davis_jacktar.html

Tom Beard's re-drawing of the Elco 26 can be seen at http://www.oldmarineengine.com/STORE/Plans/ELCO.htm for a more yachty style, and Paul Gartside's nearly-tug styling on Jennifer is at http://www.gartsideboats.com/catpow.html#jennifer

John Holtrop has Hilda II, which I like also, at http://www1.iwvisp.com/jholtrop/Boat%20Designs/newpage11.htm

If you're looking for an old design, and don't need complete plans, take a look at Sunapee at http://rtpnet.org/robroy/boats/sunapee/ and DN Goodchild's reprints of older plans at http://www.anyboat.com/books/building.htm

If you're looking for faster, planing hulls for skiing, etc., these designers also have other plans with "traditional" lines. If you like late 50's, early 60's styling, the Glen-L website has quite a few that fit that bill at http://www.glen-l.com

I'm partial to a design I found in "How to Build Wooden Boats" by Edwin Monk, which I'm thinking of making my next boat project. Its currently in print, ISBN 0-486-27313-X, and is an un-abridged paperback reprint of the book "Small Boat Building" that has been reprinted in hardcover format by DN Goodchild (I paid $9 for it at Borders, but I understand DN Goodchild's reprint has the original drawings with fold out pages. But the paperback version has all the illustrations, albeit in a smaller format.)


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