View Full Version : Help on antique sailing kayak

12-14-2000, 08:10 PM
I have rebuilt an sailing kayak that was first built by my father in the 30's. It came in a kit with aluminum ribs and wood stringers and then covered with canvas that was shrunk with airplane dope. The kayak also had outriggers and the sail was a lanteen rig. I have some information that this may have been a Meade kayak.

Am desperately trying to find info on this. Any person know more about this?

12-15-2000, 12:54 AM
I don't know the answer, but you could ask the Kayak Sailing mailing list http://www.shipwrecked.com/kayak-sail/

Either that or the Kayak Forum http://www.kayakforum.com/cgi-bin/Building/index.cgi , at least they could help you with the rebuild! http://media4.hypernet.com/~dick/ubb/smile.gif