View Full Version : Business and regulations

John Smith
08-31-2011, 06:39 PM
How many here remember the good old days before Nixon signed the bill creating the EPA? Was there not a river so polluted it caught fire? Was not smog a serious health issue? How about the Love Canal and Radon in the soil in places like Montclair NJ?

Anyone remember child labor? The garment district fire?

How many regulations can anyone here think of that didn't come from a regulation being needed?

It it not reasonable to assume that everyone here enjoys time on the water, and that the elder folks among us remember that water being polluted?

Are those really "good old days?"

We constantly hear about "frivilous" lawsuits. How many here realize your right to sue for damages WITH A JURY is in the constitution?

We hear about the need for tort reform. Remember California health insurance premium increases last year? How many realized that state implemented tort reform 26 years ago?

We keep hearing tax cuts for the rich will create jobs? Where are they? Cheney got $350,000 a year in his pocket from the Bush tax cuts. What jobs did he create?

Maybe we should be careful what we ask for.