View Full Version : Elvis Costello blasting through the brick with "No Action"

Chris Coose
07-28-2011, 03:52 PM
The way this building is set up I've got one brick wall that separates the State Theater from my offices. The theater has come alive in the past 6 months and when they are doing sound checks and rehersal at the end of my day it blasts through. I usually don't recognize the music but no mistaking a couple Ekvis numbers coming through.

I'm not attending this show but I'll be at Dweezel Zappa on August 4th, doing Frank's work and in a couple nights Emmy Lou Harris will be here.

Kevin T
07-28-2011, 05:19 PM
Saw him in 77 or 78, yeah a lot of the 70's were that much of a blur ;), and not entirely for the reasons one would normally associate. The show was awesome, it was shortly after he was on SNL and Lorne Michaels thought he was about to hijack the show when he stopped in mid song and went into "Radio Radio," and television history was made.

It is reputed that Lorne Michaels permanently banned Elvis from SNL, well at least until they pulled the same stunt 25 years later with the Beastie Boys, so apparently Lorne mellowed with time. Quality of the clip is so-so, but you can get the idea