View Full Version : Economics Professor: a Never-Ending Depression Unless We Repudiate the debt

07-21-2011, 08:41 AM
Preface: Regular debts which are knowingly and honestly incurred should be repaid. This essay focuses solely on debts which are involuntarily incurred by politicians at the expense of the American people - and which do not benefit the public, but only a handful of bankers and defense contractors - and debts based upon false promises.

Economists: The Economy Can Only Recover If We Repudiate the Debt
Leading Austrian-school economist Murray Rothbard - an American - wrote (http://mises.org/article.aspx?Id=1423) in 1992:
I propose ... out-right debt repudiation. Consider this question: why should the poor, battered citizens of Russia or Poland or the other ex-Communist countries be bound by the debts contracted by their former Communist masters? In the Communist situation, the injustice is clear: that citizens struggling for freedom and for a free-market economy should be taxed to pay for debts contracted by the monstrous former ruling class. But this injustice only differs by degree from "normal" public debt. For, conversely, why should the Communist government of the Soviet Union have been bound by debts contracted by the Czarist government they hated and overthrew? And why should we, struggling American citizens of today, be bound by debts created by a ... ruling elite who contracted these debts at our expense?