View Full Version : CL Score/Bicycle Gloat

Nicholas Carey
06-24-2011, 06:39 PM
Just scored this on CL for the 6 year old. Redline Proline Mini (http://www.redlinebicycles.com/bikes/bmx-race/2011-proline-mini). One of the only actual lightweight kids bikes out there. 15-1/2 pounds. Skinny high-pressure road tires. Radical concept, building a kid's bike out of something other than cast iron pipe.


This is a 2007 model. The current 2011 model runs about $400 (though they've managed to shave about 4 ounces off in the last 4 years). Scored this for $100. Needs a wee bit of TLC, but nothing major. Whoot!

The only other lightweight kid's bike I've found is made by Islabike (http://www.islabikes.co.uk) in the UK (Shropshire).



And I'd have to go to Shropshire to get it. It's about the same prices as the Redline (250), but it does come with a 7-speed derailleur.

I think the next step up will be a kid's road bike, like this Islabike Luath: