View Full Version : Info on old sailboat

04-07-2001, 08:23 PM
I have recently acquired an old cedar lapstrake 13 foot 8 inch sailboat (centerboard sloop). The only information I have is a capital B on the mainsail with wings on either side... looks kinda like this -B-. The sail number is 1. Any info on what type of boat this is would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Tim B
04-10-2001, 03:49 PM
Could you provide more information. Where is the boat from? I see you are in New York state. Do you think it is local to your area? About what year do you think the boat is? If there is absolutely no markings anywhere in the hull, then try to get some answers to these questions from people who were familar with the boat before you got it. Was it given to you?

Another tack might be to track down the sail, since it at least has a marking on it. Is there any manufacturer listed on the sail anywhere, a small label perhaps? What is the sail made out of? Dacron would indicate 1950 or later. Canvas before that. Silk was used by premium sailmakers before the 1900's on very competitive racing boats.

Check out local sailing/yatch clubs. Any that have been around for awhile may have some history that can help. Local libraries as well. They might have records for what boat shops were in the area.