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05-19-2011, 08:52 PM
Thank you Hartski and Rat for the help. It was appreciated at this moment far more than you can probably imagine.

This is the first time since late 2008 that I regretted (for a little while, anyway) leaving my stupidly good paying job to go back to school and do only jobs that I feel are helping others in a positive way. Then I thought about how miserable I was and got over it. Being poor sucks sometimes but being happy with what you are doing and knowing you are making a positive contribution to those less fortunate than one's self trumps everything.

We hope that we can repay you guys with something really cool once we get through school and get settled in to real jobs again.

We need to thank Mike and George Wilson of The bottle Stoppe in Roebuck, AL for the generous donation of 5 cases of bottled water and a couple hundred pounds of ice. The ice really made a huge difference in many people's lives at that moment. It was a very dear gift knowing that you guys were running low yourselves and that you could easily have sold every bit of it.

Hopefully my work there in the last year and five months has made a difference in the store's operational abilities that will carry on long after I have moved on.

We need to thank Scott Cole and Joel Bloomston of Main Street Italian Bistro in Springville, AL for offering up space in your already cramped establishment for a bottled water and food drive. I assure you guys those 19 cases of water and several hundred pounds of mostly non-perishable food went to good use.

I don't owe either one of you a damn thing and my kid's football team is going to beat your's into a pulp again next year.

We need to thank Dr. Tommy Johnson of the Argo Animal Clinic for checking out our rescue kitten and for the donation of a newborn bottle and one can of formula.

We need to thank the West Alabama Humane Society for all the help with the dogs we are fostering and the kitten we rescued from the tornado wreckage on Eagle Bluff Road in Holt. Ms. Perry, the President, was just incredible, the volunteers - especially Joanne Burkhalter, and all of the people who were kind enough to donate much needed supplies to help with the pets (and the rescues) that have been affected have earned our undying affection and unwavering respect.

Our new kitten was two weeks old or less when she landed in a treetop in the middle of a mile+ wide EF-4 tornado path. There were no cats on that road so we have no idea where she came from. Her mother and litter mates were nowhere to be found. We took her in and have kept her with us at all times.

Since then, she has made many 84 mile round trips from Springville, AL to Hide-A-Way Harbor Marina in Holt, AL to help with the disaster relief effort and to change out the batteries on our boat since we had no power at the marina (and no way to charge the batteries that run the bilge pumps) for a week. She lives on our old boat, goes to work with us at The University of Alabama during the week and goes home to Springville with us on the weekends. Having outgrown her frozen french fry box, we made a call to the humane society to see if they could help the rescue effort with a cat carrier and a litter box. We would not normally ask for help but we have been underemployed (and, at times, unemployed) for over two years due to the recent economic downturn. We were amazed and delighted when we were gifted with a cat carrier, litter box, cat litter, litter box liners, kitten formula, canned cat food, kitten chow, a leash, a collar and some kitty toys for the cat and dog food, leashes, collars, flea treatment, heartworm preventative and vaccination certificates for the three pups. After all the tears over the widespread devastation associated with the storm that brought them to us, it is a wonderful thing to have a few tears of joy due to the kindness and generosity of people who were unknown before Thursday

We owe you guys big time. I'm pretty sure you will recieve some cool stuff rom us once we get back to where we need to be financially.

We need to thank Officer Shaw of the Demopolis Police Department for keeping the rabble out of our neighborhood while we couldn't be there to keep an eye on things. We know you left your family for a very long time and travelled a very long way to help us. We appreciate it more than you probably know.

I owe you a fishing trip and you can collect on it anytime you see fit. I guarantee you we will catch some fish just like the ones I gave you even if we have to use a crank telephone.

We need to thank Chris Walston and Dennis Key at the Office of Information Technology at The University of Alabama for allowing us to work outside of our normal hours of operation so we could help with the recovery effort. You guys have been two of the best bosses I have ever worked with...........and I have worked with some of the best. I have also worked with a few of the worst so having people like you who are willing to go to bat for us is just beyond wonderful. You guys will live in a special place in our hearts forever.

We only hope that someday we can repay your kindness and willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. We doubt that is possible but.............you never know.

We need to thank Tony Daily at The Office of Education Technology in the College of Arts and Science at the University of Alabama for being understanding over the last week and two days.

I am sure we have left out a bunch of people but my brain is working at the outside edge of it's limited capabilties right now and I apologize if I left out anyone who has touched our lives in a positive manner during this nightmare.

I will update this thread as we move forward. Recovering as much as possible from this natural disater will most likely take a very long time.

Phillip Allen
05-19-2011, 08:57 PM
sticky please

05-19-2011, 08:58 PM
We need to thank the owner of the Tuscaloosa County Farmer's Co-Op. I did not catch his name because I was too busy bitching about the AC in my car not working at the moment.

The newborn bottle you sold us at cost to replace the one our rescue kitten, Serena Storm, chewed the nipple off of is working out wonderfully. She really likes the bigger capacity..........oh wait.............that's me, she doesn't care if daddy has to make 1 or 6 batches of formula per day as long as she gets fed. http://assets.bodybuilding.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif