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05-15-2011, 01:23 AM
I am a bit behind here thanks to having to deal with the VA disability folks again.

I stumbled on to this performer from Holland now in California via some of my facebook friends.

Can't believe Joe CSH did not find her first.

Her goes but put your best headphones on or feed it into your 1000 Watt surround stero system like mine with six 6 inch horns and four 20 in. base thumpers and four 15 inch barritone speakers and then endless mids form 6 to ten and so on.

I confess I am working on building that system but do have the speakers already just only pumping out 4 x 150 Watts at present.
THe sound quality on her own website videos is a bit better than the You Tube sound.
She has even though English is not her first language, She manages to combine the vocal inflections of speech and style of some of the unique greats from the Jazz/Blues and Jazz/Swing with blues base. These range from Ella Fitzgerald to Te Andres sisters and many others even to some inflections of speech patterns reminiscent of Billie Holiday and even Etta James. With a contralto range almost as deep; as Diana Krall and adds fluid slip up to a higher alto range with the clarity that is evident on an oscilloscope. Yes, when she slides up to higher notes it is like Barbara Streisand a virtually pure sign wave which as I have spoken about before, creates unbelievable power that penetrates without adding excess volume and has a virtually silver (real Sterling Silver) bell like ringing clarity.




This is the Quality and experience in performers who choose to play with her. Remember, back in 1976, on our first "formal"date I took my wife to an exclusive Jazz Club "Renees" that only sat about 50 to 60 people at the old style little 30 inch round cocktail tables to see Count Bassie and Orchestra Live.at table level no stage or any thing like that. She now says that that was my bonafides proven that rich or poor "I Had Class" WE were in the front row and we were "handshook" for being a good audience by the Count. (My dad was so jealous I did not mention the performance or at least take him.) LOL WE were even he never introduced me to Dave Brubeck.


I really would like to hear her and Diana Krall together.:d:d:

05-15-2011, 01:42 AM
If that is to modern try this I was using as relaxing background music working on a white paper on the loss of natural fish species due to stocking practices in the smaller streams and rivers of CT.


I would though ask that you keep in mind the Carolingian dynasty illegally by subterfuge and treason as Kings of the Franks. THis was effected by buying (yes bribing on a world scale) the ever greedy and power craving Roman Catholic Church Papacy in Rome.

The family consolidated its power in the late 7th century, eventually making the offices of mayor of the palace and dux et princeps Francorum hereditary and becoming the de facto rulers of the Franks as the real powers behind the throne. By 751, the Merovingian dynasty which until then had ruled the Franks by right was deprived of this right with the consent of the Papacy and the aristocracy and a Carolingian, Pepin the Short, was crowned King of the Franks.

. Although popular belief credited Pope Gregory the Great with having personally invented Gregorian chant (in much the same way that a biblical prophet would transmit a divinely received message), scholars now believe that the chant bearing his name arose from a later Carolingian synthesis of Roman and Gallican chant, and that at that time the attribution to Gregory I was a "marketing ruse" to invest it with a sanctified pedigree, as part of an effort to create one liturgical protocol that would be practised (purchased for a tidy Papal profit) by every church and throughout the entire Holy Roman Empire.[

With this control ($$$$ like dad said "follow the money trail) of Rome and the copying and distribution of all written records, It was easy to control and re-write history to permanently deny the fact that the much more Learned (Most Merovingians were well educated and spoke numerous languages and read and wrote in many as well) had created the notation for what became Gregorian Chant Way back hundreds of years before the Carolingian takeover in 748 thorough 751 and 752. Most of the Carolingian rulers and famiiy members were Illiterate, just good a scheming and other such things of poor character.

This is not the time to go into the development of polyphony and eight modes (scales). Typical melodic features include characteristic incipits and cadences, the use of reciting tones around which the other notes of the melody revolve, and a vocabulary of musical motifs woven together through a process called centonization to create families of related chants.
Although the modern eight-tone major and minor scales are strongly related to two of these church modes (the Ionian and Aeolian, respectively), they function according to different harmonic rules.

If you think Gregorian Chant and the legacy left us by the Merovingians (those scandinavian Jews mostly Essenes, of the times of and including) Christ,



05-15-2011, 01:57 AM
Very pleasant indeed , thank you .

05-15-2011, 02:23 AM
Lovely music and great post Chase..adds some character to the Bilge! Really liked the 'Interviews with Musicians' clip..quite the cadre of 'seasoned' individualists. Keep up the good work with your fish studies..more of that is needed in this world. The way I see and feel it, nature is art in motion.