View Full Version : how the internet tried to kill me

George Jung
03-13-2011, 09:26 AM
Something a bit lighter here. Have you ever 'googled' yourself? It's a bit of an eye-opener, and the 'facts' can take on a life of their own.

WHEN I Googled myself last month, I was alarmed to find the following item, from a Wikia.com site on psychology, ranked fourth among the results:
“Zick Rubin (1944-1997) was an American social psychologist.”
This was a little disconcerting. I really was born in 1944 and I really was an American social psychologist. Before I entered law school in midlife, I was a professor of psychology at Harvard and Brandeis and had written books in the field. But, to the very best of my knowledge, I wasn’t dead.
I knew that the report of my death could be bad for business, so I logged into Wikia.com and removed the “1997.” But when I checked a while later, I found the post had reverted to its prior form. I changed it again; again someone changed it back. Apparently the site had its doubts about some lawyer in Boston tinkering with the facts about American psychologists.