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12-13-2000, 09:17 AM
Hi all. If you got to this Woodenboat forum post:

Jim Budde asked about iceboat plans.

The third post down is from BrianCunningham, who lists this:

ATTITUDE (Skeeter-class iceboat):/cover photo/David Higgs, 110:0
/ATTITUDE (Skeeter-class iceboat):/history, photos, 110:40
/CHARETTE II (iceboat):/comments, plans, 39:88
/CLAREL (iceboat):/comments, 38:64
/COLD WAVE (iceboat):/comments, photo, 38:64
/COLD WAVE (iceboat):/cover photo/Peter A. Burckmyer, 14:0
/COMING ATTRACTION (Skeeter-class iceboat):/comments, photos, 110:40
/DEBUTANTE III (iceboat):/comments, 38:64
/DESTINY (Skeeter-class iceboat):/comments, photo, 110:40
/DN-class iceboat:/builder, design and construction commentary, history, photos, 86:52
/DN-class iceboat:/comments, photos, 14:7
/DN-class iceboat:/cover photo/Neal Mishler, 86:0
/DN-class iceboat:/design commentary, photos, 39:88
/DN-class iceboat:/history, photos, plan, 32:93
/DN-class iceboat:/kit boat, 38:84
/FERDINAND (iceboat):/comments, photo, 39:88
/FRITZ (iceboat):/design commentary, history, 38:64
/Hudson River iceboats:/comments, 14:26, 38:64, 39:88
/Iceboat:/cover photo/Peter A. Burckmyer, 14:0
/Iceboat:/designs/L.F. Herreshoff, 38:119
/Iceboat:/history and development 1600-1930, photos, plans, 38:64
/Iceboat:/history and development 1930-1980, photos, plans, 39:88
iceboat; FERDINAND; FRITZ; Hudson River iceboats; ICICLE; JACK FROST; MARY B;
Nite iceboat; NORTHWEST;
/Iceboating:/commentary by Matthew Murphy, 110:40
/Iceboat rigs:/design commentary, plans, 38:64
/Iceboat, Skeeter class:/cover photo/David Higgs, 110:0
/Iceboat, Skeeter class:/history, photos, 110:40
/Iceboat, Skeeter class, ATTITUDE:/cover photo/David Higgs, 110:0
/Iceboat, Skeeter class, ATTITUDE:/history, photos, 110:40
/ICICLE (iceboat):/comments, 14:26, 38:64
/JACK FROST (iceboat):/comments, photo, 14:26
/MARY B (iceboat):/comments, photo, 39:88
/Nite iceboat:/comments, 39:88
/NORTHWEST (iceboat):/comments, photo, 38:64
/POINT BLANK (Skeeter-class iceboat):/comments, photo, 110:40
/Renegades (iceboats):/design and construction commentary, photos, 39:88
/ROBERT SCOTT (iceboat):/history, 38:64
/Skeeter-class iceboat:/history, photos, 110:40
/Skeeter-class iceboat, ATTITUDE:/cover photo/David Higgs, 110:0
/Skeeter-class iceboat, ATTITUDE:/history, photo, 39:88
/Skeeter-class iceboat, ATTITUDE:/history, photos, 110:40
/Skeeter-class iceboat, COMING ATTRACTION:/comments, photos, 110:40
/Skeeter-class iceboat, DESTINY:/comments, photo, 110:40
/Skeeter-class iceboat, POINT BLANK:/comments, photo, 110:40
/WARRIOR II (iceboat):/comments, photo, 39:88
/WHIFF (iceboat):/comments, plan, 38:64

Sorry to be a pain, but I don't know how to use that info. Can someone explain what to do with that list to find/identify the articles listed? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Steve McMahon
12-13-2000, 09:44 AM
The first # = WB Issue, second Number = Page. 110:40 means issue # 110, page 40. Hope this is what you meant.

Steve Lansdowne
12-13-2000, 08:16 PM
The WB Index is totally comprehensive, listing photos and various citations that deal with a particular subject. While it is wonderful, at times there may be too much information there.