View Full Version : Zulu , Fifie or Scaffie Plans

12-20-2000, 11:51 AM
I am looking for plans for a lug-rigged zulu, scaffie or fifie of 20'or so for a small cuddy cruiser. Does anyone know of plans?

12-22-2000, 12:32 PM
Look in the book "Chatham Directory of Inshore Craft", J. Mannering, ed. Study plans type drawings of many UK boats, many photos. In all cases the source of the plan or photo is indicated, I think most of them originate at the Natl Maritime Museum in Greenwich.

12-22-2000, 02:24 PM
Thanks for the source. In the meantime, I found some lines in Feb '99 WB. I have scaled down to 20' LOA and have worked out the offsets. Now I need to convince my wife that we need yet another boat.

The drawings and photos of these Scottish Luggers show them with a 1 -2% pitch. With 1,000 lbs. displacement i hope to keep the keel depth to under 20" at the stern.

If I ever have the opportunity, I'll have to work out the sailplan. The original zulus were rigged as ketches with a huge dipping lug mains and what looks like standing lug boomless mizzens sheeted to a boomkin. They also had jibs with very long bowsprits.

If I get around to doing it, I'll probably simplify at the expense of historical accuracy and rig it as a cat yawl with the main as a standing lug and the mizzen as some sort of sprit boom. Or, I'll just leave off the mizzen and rig it as a sloop or cutter with a bowsprit. Has anyone out there tried either of these rigs with one of these luggers?

12-22-2000, 06:44 PM
Bill and Cherry McGregor sail a 38' [about] zulu they re-built and she is a lug sloop rig as original and sails well. Can't remember her name off hand but I could look it up. He keeps her at Levington Marina, Suffolk, UK on the R. Orwell.
She sails well and the rig is very clean and efficient.
Let me know if I can be of help in putting the two of you in touch.