View Full Version : A quick blat through the Blue Mountains fire trails

The Bigfella
01-16-2011, 04:53 AM
Sydney is rather fortunate to have some massive National Parks and Wilderness areas surrounding it. A half hour from my place we have play areas like this - the causeway at Little Wheeny Creek (a nice camping area there too)


A bit further up the road, on the back way to Mt Irvine, the four of us stopped to check out just how far the drop-off was. Yep. Looooong way down, not much safety fence around either.


Stopped at a little waterfall and spotted some yabbies in the pool (fresh water crayfish... a bit of a delicacy)


Oh yeah... there was an old BMW at the bottom too - with a very marginal rear tyre. I'd tried to get the KTM together for today, but with everything else going on, it didn't happen... so I was the only one there on street tyres. It got a bit hairy at times, with lots of washouts, puddles - up to about 18" deep, some loose sand and a fair bit of muddy stuff. Slip sliding away, as they say.


We stopped and checked out the bridge at Bowen Creek. We only passed two 4WD vehicles on this road (and they were going very slow) but when we got back up onto the bridge, there was a young couple there with a lowered Honda Civic, who arrived from the other direction. I told them they wouldn't get through - he was out checking out the damage to his car... anyhow he said "we'll try". I told him he'd have a long reverse out, but off he went.

Here he is ten minutes later.


We pulled over and listened to him graunching along a bit. He pulled over at this stage and ran up the road a bit, ran back.... and tried to turn around - on a track that had to be narrower than his car is long. We left at that stage.

We went on to some lookouts up at Mt Wilson and took in the view. We went through this area next


The Bigfella
01-16-2011, 04:58 AM
Heading through that area on the bitumen, there are areas of road that never see the sun and its a bit funny riding on roads with green moss growing on them.

We came back towards Sydney on Bells Line of Road for a while, then turned off and went into the Pattersons fire trail and another creek. Bloody leeches everywhere here too after all the rain


There's another camping area down there and we passed another two 4WDs on the way out.


That was it - back up to Kurrajong Heights where we split up and headed home.

Thanks to Wayne for the photos.