View Full Version : Something to be thankful for

11-21-2010, 07:47 PM
After our harvest dinner at church today, my wife's sister insisted we go to their house and get the crabs (that they didn't eat yesterday) out of their fridge. I grudgingly went there and picked them up and brought them home.
About 6:30 this evening, my wife walked out to my shop to get them out of my fridge... I had forgotten about them. I soon joined her inside. She had them spread out over newspaper on the kitchen table, saltines and a pan of melted butter and paper towels close by.
Man, were they good. BIG, ole FAT jimmy crabs!
It's great to be here in tidewater Va.
Can't wait to eat some fried oysters for thanksgiving.
And pecan pie...

Michael D. Storey
11-21-2010, 08:25 PM
Last year, while Judith still lived in Detroit, she was here on a visit. We went out to take a few crabs. Crabs become very slow and even stupider when the water cools off. You can virtually invite them into your net. And so it was. On the way back, we saw a white pelican and a salmon-colored full moon.
Best, as in sweetest crabs that I have ever had. As not a big crabber, it is not that hard to make such a statement.