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11-14-2010, 06:06 AM
Just rebuilt the foam surrounds on all the midrange speakers ( BSR brand ) for my elder home stereo system. 2 for each cabinet which consisted of an 8" and a 5" ( the 5" fires straight up out of the top of the cabinets ) midrange. The spiders still looked like new and the cones were still well centered and rigid and in excellent condition. The 15" woofers foam surrounds are still in great shape so I didn't redo those. I also took off the dust caps in the center so that I could shim the coil to keep it centered so that the new foam surrounds don't cause the coil to rub, plus it holds the cone more rigidly in place while you attach the new foam. So, for around $13.00, I was able to renew these old speakers to like new condition and I get to keep my old favorites and save a few cubic feet of space at the local landfill. Pretty easy for folks who like to repair things.


I have a question that perhaps someone (Lew Barret?) here may know. I also have a set of (made in USA ) Omega 500 pro series (early 1980's ) speakers that need some work but I cannot find much info on them on the web as to their original quality. All of the above mentioned and these Omegas I got for free. There is parts available for the Omegas.

Lew Barrett
11-14-2010, 11:44 AM
I never heard of 'em Pipe. Maybe somebody local (to somewhere!) made them as a house brand because I don't remember then as being sold nationally but I'll bet they use oem drivers so you should have no trouble sourcing from CTS, Pyle or "whoever." There have been hundreds if not thousands of small speaker manufacturers over the years, most of whom never made their own drivers.

I think I remember the BSR speakers (BSR having made their money in the turntable/changer business); omni directional black plastic cone/reflector thingie (looks like one of Barbarella's inverted bra cups) on the top of the speaker. If I do remember correctly, those are from the mid-70s.

Lew Barrett
11-14-2010, 11:52 AM
Hey! How have you been? Miss the nice neat welds around here!