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08-04-2010, 09:22 AM
I'm going to take the wife and kids <4 and 6> to PEI sometime in the next three weeks, I'm flexible. We'll be going from Monday night to Friday, morning.

Can anyone recommend a good place to stay and what might be things we might want to visit? Neither of us have been to PEI.

Would like to be walking distance to a few places but we will be driving so it isn't a must. Pool, close to or on the beach?

This is all about the kids and wife so no need for any boat related adventures. |:)

Thank you in advance!


08-04-2010, 09:40 AM
Are you camping, or staying in other kinds of accommodations?

Most tourists go to the part of the island called "Cavendish," which is fairly central and not too far from the National Park along the Atlantic coast. It's beautiful, more built-up than the rest of the province - though "built up" in PEI terms is pretty damned minimal. It's well worth spending time walking the dunes along the beaches of that Atlantic coast, though the water's colder there than on the side of the Island facing the rest of the continent.

As to that, I like the other coasts too, and the provincial parks. They're nothing like as crowded, and while they've not got the dunes ... the beaches are long and shallow, and the water is a whole lot warmer for swimming etc., especially when the tide's just come in over warm sand. We often poke around at a park called "Argyle Shores," which is fairly close to some friends who live just outside Charlottetown. You'll also find beach access scattered 'round the province - not necessarily connected with parks. My son and I had a great time recently on the easternmost tip of PEI (a couple of miles from the East Point lighthouse), at a beach we found by following a tiny but public dirt road 'till it hit the water. The advantage of these non-park beaches is their lack of other people, and the chance to let your dog out. This one had a small creek cutting through the inter-tidal part of the beach, and we spent hours having races of drifting sticks, finding fairly ordinary shells, and generally loafing.

PEI is all about a slow paced, gentle vacation - pick up one of the travel guides put out by the provincial government, and see what takes your fancy. We've liked going to ceilidhs in community halls, poking around in working fishing villages away from the main cities (sic :D), and finding places to eat lobster. If you golf (which I don't), you'll find no lack of courses. Summerside and Charlottetown are each lovely small cities, with harbours that can be fun to walk 'round, some lovely old houses, and a few decent restaurants.

08-04-2010, 10:57 AM
Kids 4 and 6. PEI in August?

Don't miss this, something for everyone. I grew up six blocks from the fairground, knew where the holes in the fences were.


The horce racing is the reason; kids like walking thru the barns. Have fun, I understand summer has arrived there also. / Jim

08-04-2010, 12:18 PM
Thanks for the tips. Now we're trying to figure out the trip around that Old Home Week. So far the plan is to spend two days in Cavendish and then two in Charlottetown but once again we're flexible.

Any ideas on a place to stay, no camping for the bride. Somewhere in the 200 dollar range would be good.

08-04-2010, 12:31 PM
We camp, or stay with friends ... so I can't help out much. I've been at Charlottetown meetings at the Delta (which has an Old Home Week Special (http://www.deltahotels.com/en/hotels/prince-edward-island/delta-prince-edward/special/old-home-week-special/), it seems) and at The Great George (http://www.thegreatgeorge.com/). You'd prolly find the rates nicer at the Delta, but the George is a beautiful little hotel right downtown, architecturally cobbled together out of a few adjacent heritage houses.

Nowhere is very far from anywhere in PEI, so you might do just as well staying in Charlottetown overnight and driving the 30-45 minutes or so you'd need to get to Cavendish. Unless, that is, you want to rent some kind of vacation cottage etc. I'd prolly not do that sight unseen though, as sometimes the little cabins are in really scenic spots ... and sometimes they're kinda grouped together reminiscent of a tiny-house suburb in a field. I'd keep your eyes out for somewhere you think looks nice, and write down the contact info for your next trip out.


08-04-2010, 01:40 PM
When i was little, I distinctly remember the golf and the church suppers enjoyed during our vacations.... I think my Dad drove from Mass to PEI specifically for the church sponsored dinners. They usually had lots of home made bread, pastry, etc. to go along with the seafood.

Here is a link to Saint Anne's (near Cavendish if I remember correctly):


These church suppers are located in many of the hamlets in PEI.

Bring a sweater! I remember one day in early August on the North side of the island when the air temp was 62 and the water temp was 68F.